NEVER buy a Porsche until you check for this!

@EUROASIAN Bob tells us about a Porsche engine failure lesson he learned the hard way!
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  1. Being that it's the bottom of the cylinders and related to cold weather I'm guessing the cause is unburnt gas washing the oil off on cold starts. Another possibility is water condensation from short trips. Maybe both?

  2. Never buying an older 2000s era 987 Porsche or early Cayman model. This is worse than IMS bearing problem that gonna give up own a Porsche.

  3. This channel is great! Especially for issues like this. Been looking at 997 prices and they seem "reasonable" relative to all the other model options … but not with this TICKING time bomb lurking inside.

  4. Who cares. My boxster cost £2000. I can cut it up for and break it for parts and make some cash or if I read the nonsense off the Internet the car is worth £5000 or sell it to some foreign owner for £10000. The Boxster is a basic car, easy and cheap to maintain

  5. Someone in Stuttgart knows the true story. I'm going to Germany in June. My cousin is a BMW engineer and his Father a former BOSCH Engineer. Both Passionate Porsche people. This will be a good long, many liter bier discussion!

  6. So how do you know if your car is a time bomb? My buddy has one with 50k on the odometer and it’s fine so far

  7. i was looking and watching a low-mile boxster, but not so sure now…just remember if you pass on any car for whatever the doubts,YOUR CASH N FUNDS are protected and walk away with you =)

  8. I got burned by this cylinder bore scoring. Tried to have Porsche NA take some ownership. They refused. So I was out some serious coin. $31K later on a 987 Boxster.

  9. Lokasil is not the problem. Thermal issues and the open deck design is the problem. The water gauge shows 10-15 celcius less then what its supposed to show. The thermostats are placed where the water exits from coolers, so not optimal for a good reading. Because of all the extreme heat and the thin walls of the 3.8 open deck design, cylinders get oval after a time and start to bore score.

  10. i dont understand……manuals are simply slower vs a dual clutch?????????????? let go……..ppl let go of cd,s,dvd,s vs streaming……cassete tapes……wth?…stick/dual clutch auto..there so much slower… 20222……proven so many times over……

  11. i dont understand……manuals are simply slower vs a dual clutch?????????????? let go……..ppl let go of cd,s,dvd,s vs streaming……cassete tapes……wth?…stick/dual clutch auto..there so much slower… 20222……proven so many times over……"18k miles…blown motor?"…really? there tiny motors……overtaxed motors vs displacement…with a awful turbo?….i guess……."hey but i own a porshe"……and? what…..making $ on it as it ages?….different story i suppose…daily…….there little motors stressed way to much and BREAK ALOT…….be realistic….tesla plaids love these going foward into 2022…….laff

  12. Wow, I never heard about the scoring prob. I was all set to go on a Honda S2000 and heading out to Columbus OH to buy it. I stopped by a guy's house on the way who had a Y2K Boxter S which I did some research on at the last minute. In person the Boxster was hands down a better car all the way around than the S2000 (first one I ever drove) and figured it was a better investment as well. I was so impressed with the engine, torque, storage and sound of that amazing engine, so I bought it ($25K / 30,000 miles)
    THEN I found out about the RMS and IMS bearings probs and it took the wind out of my sails. I guess my rushed research and reviews sort of missed those problems. I only kept it 3 months. So in trying to sell it at a Porsche swap meet, I found a low kilometer black 82 930 for $30K with a stack of receipts (before the huge price spike) that was amazingly original and clean, so it all worked out in the end. Shame on Porsche for not owning up their obvious C6-C7 era N/A engineering flaws.

  13. my 997 turbo stock motor, runs e85 and pure turbos, 700whp, going on 120k miles., i drive it 500 miles per week. 0 issues in the decade ive owned it. im also out in 100f summer southern california so maybe thats why lol

  14. Just stay away from Germans Cars, PERIOD. All these years it's about time they build A Car that do not Break a Man's Wallet.Thank you for sharing.

  15. Greetings from England. The leading Porsche M96/7 engine repair garage over here is Hartech. They say it is not a case of "If" your engine will bore score but "when". Like the IMS, bore score is a design flaw issue mainly occurring on cylinders 5 & 6 due to inadequate cooling. By the time the water in the jacket gets to the second bank of cylinders it has already absorbed excess heat. So much heat is generated that the viscosity of the oil between piston & cylinder wall is inadequate. Friction between piston ring & cylinder wall cause pieces of silicate in the Lokosil cylinder coating can become loose, break off & become trapped between piston ring & cylinder wall. This then scrapes further pieces of silicate off the coating causing further damage. I purchased a 997 3.6 new in 2005 when of course IMS & bore scoring was not public knowledge. When it later emerged, I was constantly in fear of major repair bills that I no longer enjoyed the car & sold it.

  16. Personally, I would stay away from all 996 and 997.1 Porsche 911 models except turbos and GT3's with the Mezger motors. The engines are just too delicate. The 997.2 and forward are much better cars.

  17. As someone who sold a B7 Audi S4, I got used to the constant barrage of people asking if the timing chains on the 4.2 V8 were done. Fortunately, I had just done them shortly before the sale:)

  18. After this video i think that Subaru engine is a good one. Front engine Porsche is Subaru STI. The IAG short blocks start at 4K$ and 12K$ will get you a block to hold 900 hrsprs.

  19. maybe im just poor and ignorant why couldnt you send off the motor to a machine shop to bored, sleeved, and bored to factory spec?

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