Nearly Crashed! Wheel broke off mid run! NPK Shocker takes a beating at No Prep Kings Ohio

I’ve had some close calls, but this one was sketchy! I nearly Crashed! A rear wheel broke off mid run! NPK Shocker takes a beating at No Prep Kings Ohio. Be sure to check out the Shocker Club Patreon if you are interested in even more behind the scenes content!
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  1. Pretty sure that same thing happen to Brian Chucky Davis 5-6 years ago, and he did wreck. Could be wrong but I think I saw a video on it. Best of Luck to both of You Kye and Lizzy.

  2. I have a question- why stick to nitrous? Even if you love it, even if you outrightly win events here and there, you aren't going to win NPK outright as long as any procharger or screw car is working. I know you know that and I know you know if a procharger car works perfectly and a nitrous car works perfectly, and all else is equal the procharger car will take the win. Is it sponsorships?

  3. You mentioned some pictures of some Drag Racing Legends . All I can say , is that your time will come . There will be a lot of highs and lows in your journey, but we have faith in you Kye .

  4. Figured you definitely needed a shower and some clean underwear after that in all seriousness I'm glad you didn't wreck and tear it up are potentially get hurt yourself

  5. MAN KYE, YOU GET INTO THE MOST FUNNIEST SITUATIONS!!! As soon as it happened, I knew, there goes the axles, and the look on your face was classic. Poor Kye but your running so strong, legendary racers fear racing you. Everyone knows you are a racing legend Mr. Kye Kelley!!! Respect on that name!!!

  6. I'm a 405 fan💯 at one point I couldn't stand Kye Kelly because he always beat Big Chief…. over the year's he's grown on me and he's a nice guy… NOLA is my second favorite love you Kye your one of the best

  7. Sorry for the problems, but I'm glad they weren't worse. The last time I saw 1 break the center out of the wheel like that it put a brand new build that was on its first shake down runs into the wall & demolished the body & rear suspension. Good luck for the rest of the season!

  8. The struggle is real. I saw your post on Instagram where you look like you are hunting……so I assume this weekend didn’t go well.

  9. Bad juju with the wheel failure and mad driving skills to keep it off the walls, Kye. Had Adam & crew working hard to get Shocker squared up. Hats off to the entire KKR team for doing the hustle at every event. The lil' doggo cameos are always welcome and letting the little tyke purge the nitrous touched our heart. ❤


  10. Ryan Martin is very fast why would you sell yourself short your fast as well and your name is way more known then Ryan Martin almost anybody you ask who is Kai Kelly and they know it you asked who is Ryan Martin a lot of people do not know just get faster that's all you can do and absolutely do not sell yourself short my advice to you don't worry about where your name is worry about putting your car and yourself in first place and all that will come along with it

  11. Look how many people rip the center of the rim out or have enough power to rip the center out of the room Ryan Martin nobody knows who he is in the crowd you say his name very few people will look up even people they're not into racing I've heard your name so again don't sell yourself so short this concentrate on me in the fastest that you are and you will achieve everything that you want

  12. Maybe my observation is wrong it seems like you have to figure out everything that's wrong with your car chassis-wise and motor wise maybe you need to get rid of a couple of them and get you one really good mechanic in place of them too others but I absolutely am not telling you what you should or should not do it's not by my place but that's just what I deserve that's all but good luck

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