My z06 corvette takes 3rd fastest time of the day at first autocross since upgrades

This was from the first autocross event of the season for the WMC club. We had decent turning to good weather for the event.

There were allot of neat cars and cool people at the event. I tried to capture most of the cars that attended. It was cool to see people enjoying their rides.

This was my first non raining event for my cars new setup and after trial and error learning the car I pulled out an amazing time. 3rd fastest overall for the day right behind a built c4 on race slicks.

2001 Chevy C5 Corvette Z06
Dedicated for autocross racing in CAM S Class


  1. Man I want to get my my mr2 and possibly my supra into autocross never done it 🙁 Nice set of cars at this event super cool! I know we have some stuff like this up in the Spokane area! Liked and subbed for fellow car youtuber! 🙂 Nice runs btw!!!

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