My throttle stuck wide open! OH S*** moment while testing


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  1. Buying a two car open trailer is a stupid move because simple fact of it is you going to some shady places to raise makes more easier for people to steal your car parts off your trailer and there's no place to put your tools if you look at JJ and the rest of them they've gone to enclosed car trailers

  2. I've seen 10-20 of your vids & of course I'm a subscriber & because of Racecar shit! LOVE IT! ➕ because of the 400! My brother had a 1973- (4.125 bore) sb400… It was bored .030 over to a 406 running custom length rods, amberlightweight pistons 11/1 compression. I had every part written down but, I don't have it anymore! Our house was stolen with all of its contents by a family member! Was running a circle track cam-(wish I could remember the lift & duration!) Hydraulic roller rockers, 750 Holley double pumper with manual secondaries, B & M Mega shifter, 373 gears, TH400 new valve body, shift kit, was either a 3k or 3,500 stall sitting in a Red 79 Z-28 with black trim. In a 1/8th mile, No other vehicle arround here kept up!!! The Wheeling W.V. area/Ohio Valley Then, moved to O.H. in early 2000's so, As a fellow Ohio'an, that adds a little extra!!! Keep on working Bro & be careful as your racking up the wins!!!

  3. A Nascar-style kill switch allows you to quickly kill the engine with two hands on the wheel. The column locking while the vehicle is heading at the wall at 140 mph would be really bad. Be careful guys.No fire suit.? Hospital stays are painful and expensive.

  4. The crap in your fuel bowls is the inside of all you rubber hoses decomposing due to the chemical reaction between them and the alky. Never leave fuel in the lines when not racing, and thats what is glueing you fuel filters shut too….blow out the whole fuel system with air and WD40 rinse fuel filters with WD40 and blow out too…

  5. If the feedback helps. I really like the different placement of the cameras (like the under view etc.) while you guys are testing. Either way, we are fans………… So keep building your Team and Channel.

  6. you did magnificent,, an oh sh** moment is a understatement sir, a lotta people would have panicked, you kept your cool, 1000% respects to you

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