MY FIRST BURNOUTS in the Hellcat Swapped Dodge Lancer GT Drag Car!

Still on no sleep, but we’re not stopping!! Stoked to finally make the trip to @KSR Performance & Fabrication !! Kevin has been advising us behind the scenes for awhile now, and today we’re at his shop for some drag specific mods, suspension set up & MY FIRST BURNOUTS!!! LETS GOOOO ! – GUESS THE WEIGHT OF THE CAR IN THE COMMENTS BELOW 🙂

Shout out and thank you to @eBay Motors for partnering with me on this build! Drag, Drift or Grip…Find parts for whatever you’re building on !

#roadkillnights // @Dodge // @MotorTrend Channel

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❌SAY HEY⬇⬇⬇⬇✘  


  1. Definitely need to have Bill come out and see the final product. You guys killed it on this build and I'm glad you went to kevin. Dude knows a ton, and does great work.

  2. I hope you continue to dip your toes into the drag racing thing with this car as it is some great content for your channel and having a car that well built and correctly setup would be a rewarding experience to learn. I really will be disappointed if it gets shoved into a corner somewhere and forgotten about in the youtube content creation adhd that seems to exist with so many creators.

  3. the square hood intake SOOO need to be a organic shape that looks more in style white the curves of the car, then it would be a beautiful drag car

  4. An absolutely gorgeous Mopar, the Lancer GT is a true classic. The power is amazing but they screwed the pooch deciding to hit you all with the standard transmission and a clutch this year.

  5. I count my burnout's, 3 seconds is good most places, so I say, "one one thousand, two one( hear take your finger off the line lock or trans brake) thousand, three one thousand, take foot off Gas. be as cosecant as your can. No hard braking at the end of the 1/8 or 1/4 unless you need to stop. one caliber could grip & pull the car left or right. Collette your a Born Racer, I love seeing young Lady's going Fast. Good Luck

  6. Love kevin but thats bad advice to start with the weight over 50 percent to the rear u dont have any suspension travel and ur adding weight for traction thats all last resort techniques u want the car to squat and that gives grip to stick out the hole and the nose is too light thats why u cant stay on the line lock and always start a burn in low and run it up thruogh the gears or u can break the trans from over loading the gears cleetus and tune em all will get u dialed a lot better

  7. They weighing reminds me of "The Office" when their in a competition to lose weight and they figure out Pam's weight after she's kicked off the scale. LOL

  8. Please watch out for that Delrin plastic if it catches fire and starts to burn it can hurt or even kill you if breathing the vapors cuz it becomes a cyanide type gas!! I know that because I worked in a mold injection shop making bullet tips for sport rifle comp.

  9. i’ve only seen a couple of her videos. is it normal for her not to do anything and just have some other dudes do all the work on the cars? seems to be a common theme lmao like i said i’ve only seen a couple vids

  10. I love this car!! It's so cool. And totally different… Please do more drag races with it. And could you keep your camera more steady. You're making me sea-sick. And it would make it easier to see the details. Lots of Luck!

  11. Damn Collette, this is such a sick build!! You definitely scored with this find, but you're pulling all the right people and bits together to make something super wild! Can't wait to see you race! I've been holding off watching other channels cos I wanna see it here 😂

  12. I love that your using kevins knowledge, but why not promote him, you didn’t mention his channel once….. if kevins backing off of it that’s one thing but I hope you would direct towards him when given the opportunity

  13. Stop milking it, come on, how about a video everyday to finish this series. The comp is long over. Come on girly!
    Your views probably double that week and help your algorithm!

  14. Why are you so far behind? The event was weeks ago, the slipper clutch sucked and the car just spun, also Collete.. the car looked awesom it didnt need the pink bits all over it it kinda looked really bad. Other than that its been a cool series.

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