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  1. What’s up bro , I’m the one who sold you this car in Salinas. Crazy to see what you have done to it man. I’m glad it went to the right hands. Get back at me bro. I got another crx for sale if you are interested.

  2. I was born in 1978, graduated HS in '96 right in the middle of the Street Racing golden era when it was all underground ready to explode, bc by the next year Honda released the '97 DC2 Type R in championship white. My generation — that's what we were doing all the time, placing the intake through the headlight. Still remember David Shih was the 1st Honda in the grey "silver bullet" CRX to crack the 10s barrier at Sacramento. Then Stephan papadakis in 1999 in a yellow tube framed EK. I Miss those Good times. '90's bro!

  3. Love you big homie, no homo. I can appreciate your humility and yo chubby ass. Continue that hustle big homie!!!

  4. Man I srah-lahn young static.. rustoleom never look so dam good man! 👍 my butt hole tickles and wants to go out and sand my car right now, right away, and put some smoke grey on it 😆 but when I'm done its gonna be smoke butt crack not smoke grey.. the way its gonna come out 😆 inspiring man real inspiration right here

  5. Found out about you on auto anatomy and it’s giving me renewed motivation to get back to my JAPROD delsol build. Body is banged up, but choosing function over form, and going for a hot rod Japanese style, JAPROD! Keep truckin bro!

  6. This story reminds me of how the dude in Ant Man breaks it down… But a 300$ h22a is way cooler than being invited to be an Avenger any day.

  7. My ef would probably run a 16@ 110mph. Stock d15b1 motor internals. Dpmfi restriction plate removed. C.a.i , 4-2-1 header, 3 inch cat back exhaust, traction bar kit, coilovers, rear camber kit, rear aluminum lower control arms, front lower strut brace, stage 2 clutch. It's already nasty. It bangs into gear harrrddd.

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