Muscle Car Drags (1987) 426 HEMI vs 429-SCJ vs 455-GS vs 454-LS6 vs Boss 429 vs 455-SD vs 440-6pk

Flashback to 1987 Pure Stock and Modified Stock Drag Racing, featuring Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge vs Pontiac vs Buick vs Plymouth vs Oldsmobile vs Mercury and more!
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  1. Chamberlain is a known cheat Nothing is stock in his engine. Hole shotted him by .5 and he did a near 11 second run to beat me now is that stock? I protested and they just ignored me.

  2. A new Camry or Accord would beat most of these cars. Traction, transmissions, etc have improved over the years. Some of these big blocks make good power but can't get it to the ground.

  3. Reminds me of grudge night at st louis international. Ran my 70 charger 383 magnum 4 speed. Won most of my races in 3rd gear. I could pull 105 mph in 3rd when the rest shifted at 100 mph

  4. Love these videos. Hard to believe how "slow" these cars were by today's standards. My 1972 Mach 1 runs 13s (not stock) but is still slower than today's average car…amazing. And my C63S can run high 11s….with every possible creature comfort. I miss the old cars, but there is something to be said about new technology.

  5. Just love seeing what to many would be sitting in a collection hidden from view. Love seeing the old ground pounders out there throwing asphalt and slamming gears. NO pc to plug in the grab another tune.

  6. I am amazed that with all those HUGE displacement V8 engines, these cars really are very slow. VERY SLOW. I distinctly remember dragging our 265ci Hemi E49 Charger (in Australia) back in the mid 70's and achieving 12.9 to 13.5 for the quarter mile. And yes, it was a 6 cylinder.

  7. When I turned 17 in 1980 my mother gave me her Buick Skylark that she had bought new. My brother tried talking her into upgrading the GS Version and she said it would burn to much gas. Wished my brother would I pushed the issue more!

  8. Seems to me you need to put better drivers behind the wheels of those cars in the left lane seems almost all of them are color blind ! You stomp the gas instead of the brakes when the light turns green

  9. These are the days I first started going to the drag strip. Seemed more fun back then. Some of the cars weren't as fast as today but it didn't matter.

  10. I'm trying to behave today and not make fun of Fords but I just can't help myself after seeing so many special performance package Ford products getting clobbered. A 429 CJ that runs 14.40s?
    My stock (except for a mild .420 lift cam) 1976 Pontiac 400 with 7.6:1 compression ran 14:40s all day long in a 3600 pound GTO. That CJ had a bigger engine with 10.5:1 or 11.3:1 compression and a .515 lift cam.

  11. Funny how the "bad ass " Dodge's even though have the legendary 440 six pack and 426 hemis run 14.5 and higher and the Big Bad Buicks run mid 12's to 13! ..This is the real numbers..not like many videos where the dodge is fabricated to the inth degree to run 12's

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