Murder Nova vs The 405 in Minnesota!

Street Outlaws live no prep kings entered minnesota for their points race. At this race we filmed Murder Nova which is an og oklahoma top ten racer. Murder Nova drives a turbo nova that has even reached the number one spot in the oklahoma top ten list. But, a no prep kings event win has eluded Murder Nova who has done well in no prep this season. Murder Nova in minnesota raced alot of members of his 405 team. It was a couple of grudge races and the luck of the draw that made murder nova race his team mates. Murder Nova is a team mate of the current no prep kings champion Ryan Martin who he raced in the video. Check out all the action in the video with these fast racers and for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platforms at:


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  1. Murder Nova will look pretty good at moments but far and few in between. He needs a good tuner guy. Chuck and Dominator and Chuck 55 and a few more just can't run with the big guys. I wish they all would get things going. Can't wait to see what Dave's new car will do.

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