Murder Nova Almost HitsThe Wall & Still Wins!! *Note Correction

*CORRECTION amost hit the wall. Inthis video we have the Murder Nova which is a twin turbo setup. Murder Nova has been one of the most recoginzable names in the oklahoma team for years now. Murder Nova has climbed to the top of the oklahoma list and managed to hold on to the number one spot for a while. Murder Nova is cerified street for sure but on a no prep track is different. A no prep track surface is still way better than an asphalt street in some random allyway. A no prep surface can allow cars to reach their fastest level after a while of testing on it. Murder Nova competes with big teams and still manages to stay competive in a field of professionals. Check out the video and see how well Murder Nova does. This season the Murder Nova had a stronger showing than the previous season. Every season the Murder Nova is getting closer to the top. For more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Love your energy and excitement but it's sometimes too much, covering people with this much emotions in a winning racing situation respecting them would come with some with some solid heart and the real

  2. All show and fuk all go. 4 seconds in a straight line. Waste of time, the biggest laugh is that they think they are superstars. Typical yanks…..

  3. Thinking God needed Wayne. To take care of the horse power there. One of my favorite cars when young was my 69 Nova. Vicious machine's. Love you brother!

  4. where’d ya get the cover pic from that nova never left the wall and some how ya got that thing spinning around like it just bounced around like a pinball lol 🤷‍♂️👎

  5. I love drag racing, and I met these guys at Maple Grove…Everyone of them are trump love'n racists…They believe in all the lies….Especially Pat Music and Reaper….

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