MotorWeek | Retro Review: 1998 Lincoln Town Car

“Rear seat passengers continue to revel in the warehouse-like space…”


  1. I can no longer justify looking at getting one of these, because the MPGs used to be manageable, but compared to new cars its. now terrible. If oly they had done an update or new model in something like '07, I'm sure this car would have certainly lasted longer

  2. Ford screwed it up with this one. People who bought these kinds of cars were not asking for sporty handling, feel of the road or "European-inspired" styling. And those who disliked soft, cushy grandpa cars would NEVER be enticed to get one no matter what. Ford disregarded their actual customers and pandered to imaginary ones that never materialized. Stupid. I had a '99 and then an '02 as company cars back in the day and they were a marked "disimprovement"' over the 90-97 model . Entry and exit were less convenient because of lower and smaller door openings. There was less interior room and the high belt line and bulky pillars made it FEEL much less spacious than the previous model. The suspension was stiffened enough to ruin the plush, buttery ride of yore and sound deadening was thrifted out so it wasn't as quiet either. Yes, they didn't wallow and float like the older ones but handling wasn't exactly of the kind that made you want to drive winding back roads either. The whole car had a "not quite there" vibe.

  3. Like many Lincolns from years past, the design holds up and remains 'neat'. Lincoln was normally a distant 2nd to Cadillac in the luxo-market, but this example was a fine car which even now looks great and still would be considered luxurious and contemporary today (except for some missing hi-tech items.)

  4. Really, dude? You're going to stretch to operate the door mounted seating controls when you could have just closed the door and save yourself the unnecessary stretch?

  5. These cars were built for people who like to drive. You can gobble up the pavement for hours in complete comfort. Today's cars are built for people who think they like to drive, but who get bored of it after less than an hour unless they have some sort of artificial 'excitement' added like rattle-your-teeth-out handling performance. And if you happen to be in the mood for something more that day, all true drivers know that there's nothing quite so fun as driving a slow car fast. You don't put cars like this on the track, and one shouldn't put track-tuned cars on the street. Both are equally ridiculous.

  6. ngl i've never liked the look of the 98-02 town cars. i think they're quite ugly…i wouldn't be caught driving one, but i love the design of the 03 and up town cars

  7. The 1998 redesign of the Town Car from handsome executive sedan to hideous cartoon car was the end of the love affair for me. I just never warmed to the car's weird angles. The rear hind quarters and rearend just seemed misshapen and out of proportion to the rest of the car. The sloped and tapered nose looked odd from every angle. Worst were the totally inappropriate aftermarket carriage roofs. By contrast, the later '90s and onwards Crown Vics and Grand Marquises were very good-looking sedans. Lincoln should have returned to a more linear shape with sharper creases, like Cadillac did. But Town Car buyers would have continued buying no matter what so I guess it doesn't matter.

  8. Who the hell needs things related to sportiness on a daily basis? I would much rather have a '98 Town Car, that still gives me the pleasure of driving, and at the same time, the ride quality of an airplane. I don't care about its 0-60 time, or how much MPG it gets…I just want to enjoy my car, not the tarmac underneath it…

  9. Might be lame, but this is probably my favorite car, ever.. 😆 I just love how they look and how comfy and reliable they are.

  10. My dad had one of these he bought from a friend who sold used cars legitimately and the cops got called to the dmv when he tried to register it my dad being a Mexican dad came home he wasn’t sitting around waiting for the Sheriff knowing he paid for the thing so he went home and sure enough the cops showed up at our house saying the car was stolen I think my dad did end up going with them to explain and show he paid

  11. One of my favorite cars. It took a whole for this generation to grow on me. So in love with the 95-97 I was disappointed with the boring analog speedometer in comparison to the digital dash that's still cool to this day. This particular model, Signature Touring, is the one I'm keeping my eyes out for. They even have a different wood grain (oak, gray), standard dual exhaust, posi rear 3.27, these chrome wheels, etc. I drove a 01' back when I was 15 when my grandma and big sister from NYC came to visit us in DC. Budget car rental ran out of bullshit Cavaliers and Sentras and we ended up with a brand new (1,200ish miles) white Executive, no extra charge upgrade. I was the designated chauffeur (yes @ 15 Learners permit). Ja Rule & J Lo "I'm Real" was hot on the radio. The best part about the summer of 2001 just before everything went to hell a couple months later.

  12. I saw one in traffic in summer of 1997, and was like "what IS that!" I knew it was a Lincoln, but which model, and how tall it looked compared to most other sedans of that decade, let alone preceding Town Cars.

  13. I worked on these during and after trade school. Intake manifolds and rear suspension air bags were their only faults. Ford built them with couches for seats.

  14. To this day … whenever I see the final generation (98-2011) LincolnTownCar … I wonder what the engineers were thinking?!? Shorter, bloated … distinctive sharp lines gone.

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