1. Yeah seen boosted to, also parts of putting the motor together only you Ryan did the work, heard someone saying onec" I would trust my moma when it comes to certain parts of the motor "… this needs to be one by you or the other small tire guys who week in an out do this on some tight tracks…I this your wife was spot on at the start showing us " the just incase motor…1300hp, I've seen some tests on the road allegedly yall racing on, could be maybe 200ft before you start bringing in the power…and 5 on SCRAMBLE button…NICE JOB, ALL WORKING WITH YOU TO MAKE SURE YOU GET AT LEAST A COUPLE OF HITS ON IT..NPK ARE BRINGING SOME MASSIVE MASSIVE POWER CARS AND ARE WISHING THAT THEY DIDN'T….

  2. Famous drifter, Ken Block sweater. Could it be Hoonicorn making a guess appearance on the show? It is TV.

    Your want to and how you present yourself and program motivates me to get in the garage. Keep up the good work we are rooting for you guys.

  3. Boosted is a good dude! He helped a ton with that. I love seeing you run that 5.3 and smoking people! You have a badass chassis and you have it figured out with the combos you run. You have proved time and time again why you don't have to have a 80k to 100k engine to be in the no prep game to be competitive and going against npk promods and beating them is insane! I'm rooting for you sir, Kc Maxx ftw!!!!

  4. Do you know what caused you to torch the first engine? I assume deto on 1 cylinder? Injector stick? Im shocked you are still running mls gaskets. I figured you would need copper at this level?

  5. All those guys that doubt you, don't let that get to you especially when you win this damn thing with your high school car, and they have a purpose built chassis cars….. Real Street will Win on that surface all day… I think they will all be saying its upsets when you beat the NPK drivers, but in Reality on the Street, they are the underdog….. All you gotta do is do you and all the rest will take place…..

  6. You sir is what i call a real streetracer. You make things work rather then by things that someone else say work and that shows you know what you are doing…πŸ™ I have you in my top 6 list but that was when i thought you had the bb with you…πŸ€”πŸ˜„ so if you can pull this off you are the G.O.A.T🐐 of the streets…GOOD LUCK!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Very impressive! nose to the grindstone just getting it done! Nice to see other people helping out, Good luck! Thanks for the video!

  8. There's no doubt about where Boosted's heart is… this guy helps any fellow racer ! I mean look at all those friends go to work just like machine's! Ryan thats some awesome stuff for sure .. keep up the great video's man yall are doing a fine job!

  9. Great job man πŸ‘πŸ‘. You guys deserve to be there you've been a force to reckon with for a long time…. that song was dope who was the artist can't nobody do it like me ain't nobody out here winning like me??

  10. How street are you?
    Street enough to do an engine swap on the street at the spot! Good luck and represent the Midwest and legit small tire street racers well!

  11. Once again, Boosted showing he's the real thing. He knows who the real street racers are. Boosted has been on tv pretty much since the begining of street outlaws, but he never lost his street cred, like many on the show have.

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