Most recent JJ Da Boss & Tricia update from Street Outlaws America’s List crash #streetoutlaws

Latest update on JJ da boss And Tricia after the crash in hummingbird and zip tie at filming of Street Outlaws America’s List on the streets of Texas! Y’all be sure to go check out @TheReal Streetoutlaws channel and like and subscribe to show some support for this awesome family in their time of need!

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  1. Just watched the crash and cannot believe how bad it was. You for sure had some guardian Angels surrounding you ❤🙏 So happy to know you are on the mend

  2. Being on fire, dragging yourself out of a car, and running 150 yards to pull your wife out of a car is absolutely fucking insane.

    True love right there.

  3. To JJ and Tricia:
    You are both truly the “main stay” of street drag racing! God Speed to quick healing and new car rebuilding to get ya back in the saddle again.

  4. Happy both are doing ok and can still laugh. Poor lil Tricia’s car didn’t fair near as well as JJ’s did. Really lucky the lil lady is still here. Prayers and respect ✊

  5. Glad you guys are OK that was scary I want to do so bad what you guys do got to love the smells and sounds of full and rubber. Thinking about you and her just get better

  6. Wow love both of your attitudes. You two give racers a great name by showing how to keep you head up while dealing with adversity. I'm praying for you. Keep up the great work.

  7. You 2 Fools are CRAZZY !!! Glad y'all allright. Keep on Racing.🏎️🏎️🏎️
    Lots of Love from Erwin TN🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

  8. To Tricia and JJ
    I'm glad to see you both are ok. I whish you and pray get well!

    It hit my heart when I heard how bad Tricia was.

    JJ Take care of her as the Queen of the Street as she is.

    I saw Hummingbird is back tufted but ok it looked like.

    What happens to the Zip Tie? Scrap? Will be rebuilt?

    Then think of safety as prio 1 think about why it caught fire and eliminate it.

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