Monza Twin Turbo Camaro!

Street Outlaw OG Monza entered the big tire class at the tucson no prep kings event. Monza is ranked in the bottom half of the points standing and has not done well. But, Monza is not to be counted out because he is still fast and still can win any event. Monza in this video loses a passenger door while doing a test run. This did not deter monza as he continued to the first round of elimination and still raced. On the other lane we also included Dominator in his twin turbo dodge dart. Dominator just like monza is ranked in the bottom half of the list but has done relatively well going rounds in some events. These two may not be high in the points standing but are high on horsepower which they display in the video. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Even not winning he is still getting paid. Thats where the drive is gone to win because you are getting enough without winning. If you take away discovery most of these guys couldnt afford to drive all over and you would see alot of new faces depending on where the race is at.

  2. You make very good videos. Too bad that you can't find a spot that there isn't someone running his mouth steady. That man is so incredibly annoying.

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