Money Shifts, Wrecks & CRAZY Races! (WCF 2019)

Approaching the end of 2019 we find ourselves here again at Import vs Domestic’s: World Cup Finals, the ultimate event to prepare us octane-junkies for the cold race car devoid winter ahead. One of the largest events we cover all year and absolutely one of the the most culturally diverse as racers from all across the globe gathering to competing on Jason Miller’s world class track prep and under the best racing conditions of the year. World Cup Finals is an absolute MUST for anyone who appreciates high intensity racing of all types and kinds, as the event creates a competitive battleground for imports and domestics of any caliber to see who has what it takes. WCF is not only notorious for a wide caliber of racing but also renowned for providing an exceptionally enjoyable experience for racers, spectators, and even media crews alike. Racing at this intensity greatly increases the opportunity for brutal wrecks, terrifyingly close calls, and motivation-depleting engine failures which thankfully only resulted in damage to cars and property, and no racers were badly hurt thanks to the awesome response teams on site. This event comes highly recommended in the racing community and also receives a “MUST ATTEND” from us here at 1320, so we hope that means we’ll see you and many other fresh faces for World Cup Finals 2020!

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  1. No replay to the double wheely 50 something chev vs Camaro ? But I'm positive we'll get 6 angles and extended coverage of another g35 or foxbody lol

  2. @6:51 / @6:52 i don't know how yall are going to bring me some ass, But Pm me and lets get that party started

  3. Fred- "Did it happen pretty fast?" Yeah Fred it happened at 157 MPH so it happened pretty fast. Haha love ya Fred.

  4. It just seems that all the imports (or small 4& 6 cyl. cars) do not have much durability? Thay have has much or more money to do the things that make those engines do, but breakage just seems more likely? It would be nice to see the 60ft. times also, some seem to lay down in the box. At least for what they are recording in the traps. "RUN WHAT YA BRUNG" they would of course be toast. Rules have to help them equalize. And as always no one would agree what is correct. Still without the 60 ft's it's hard to tell from the videos. Great show though – well done.

  5. ROFL, the first ad, even before the clip started was labelled as "BowmoreAston Marting." Sad – can't even spell the name of the crap they're selling

  6. 46:16 To answer the power question. Based on street race setups and what Titan, Underground Racing , and the Alpha camp are running for setups a lot starts at 200 hp per cylinder, and insane is 300+ hp per cylinder. So let's take the 2jz for example. On your street setups they are pushing around 1200 hp or 200 hp per cylinder. Now on the strip (esp. TX2K, FL2K, and WCF) they are making up to 3,000 hp or 500 hp per cylinder. Now that is truly insane hp levels. So yeah do what your driver says and turn it up (just preferably not to self-detonation levels).

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