Mint Condition '67 Firebird Restored and Drag Racing | Roadkill | MotorTrend

Finnegan and David Newbern rescue an unbelievably mint ’67 Pontiac Firebird. This Crusher Camaro look-alike has been stowed in a barn behind a dragstrip for almost two decades. Now the guys battle old parts, downpours and other issues in order to get this old drag car racing down the track once again.

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  1. Too many of these cars found like this are started but never finished projects. With most of the parts there rusting away while the other parts are missing.

  2. I watched the episode,car ran hard but clown helping Mike says it's old and wornout but the lack of knowledge statement! Replace the dam valve springs! Any racer knows BIG CAM BIG whip on the springs! Dam car was running faster then high 11s! If that's worn out,Mike you need a better wrench with a brain!

  3. Don't want to spoil the fun but I think only the left front got off the ground so no wheelie.
    Too bad we don't get to see the times of that second run. Finnegan left late but seemed to make up some time along the way.

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