Mile High problems! Doing Battle in the Great 8 at No Prep Kings Bandimere. Lizzy gets a new car

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Mile High problems! Doing Battle in the Great 8 at No Prep Kings Bandimere. Lizzy gets a new car to use while Bonnie is being repaired. Her and Kye check it out. Be sure to check out the Shocker Club Patreon if you are interested in even more behind the scenes content!
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  1. The win is coming KYE soon… Just need to figure it out your car is running great better than the guy that run all year… Small steps too the Championship and be watching when you lift that trophy. Good luck with your next races will be cheering from my side…

  2. Kye don't worry about last week this week it's all team Nola and now that Bobby's back it makes it even better. You're a good driver Kai determined and a winner you got this this weekend brother ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  3. Loving that Trans Am that Lizzy drove for the weekend. Also, love the Mopar feel with the Plum Crazy Purple added for style. Lizzy is stylish with her taste in cars, very cool cause she's young. Usually younger people like the VTecs, so it's cool to see her in a real legend!!!

  4. Great to see Adam getting after the pesky gremlins and the entire KKR team stepping up to the plate to get the car ready for the invitational. The bright spot was seeing Lizzy's new ride and the lil' doggo cameo was over the top and had us laughing out loud. Good luck, have a great time and safe travels!

  5. The shocker is fast but time to go screw blower. Nitrous cars live on the raged edge most of the time. The shocker is almost unbeatable on the street. One of the best street outlaws YouTube channels

  6. Being very serious kye!! What would it cost for me to ride with you in shocker? Is that possible?
    I’m building me a Hot rod and when the going gets tough I watch some kkR and get back at it. Awesome motivator! Thanks man!

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