Mike Radowski – Maximum PSI Turbo BMW E36 M3 | 1000whp Street car runs 8's | ERacer

This is a video of Mike Radowski owner of Maximum PSI, on his quest to become the first manual transmission BMW into the 8’s, all while still driving on the street, to the track sometimes, and bmw drivetrain. He finally accomplish the feet of breaking into the 8’s on October 9th, 2014 at an Atco Raceway track rental he ran 9.04, 8.94, then backed it up again with a 9.06.

Car details per Mike
First manual trans BMW in the 8’s(that we know of)

Fully functional street car. Full BMW drivetrain. Factory IRS. 3250lbs with driver

BMW S52 engine
Ported head
Bavarian Solutions Cams
Driven Innovations intake manifold
Precision Turbo 7175bb turbo
Maximum PSI turbo hardware, IC, Exhaust
Factory ECU tuned by Nick Glantzis from Technique Tuning
ID2000 injectors
FTW Orange fuel
DSS axles

For more information about the build, and inquiries about them turbocharging your BMW contact them at

Maximum PSI Inc.
7 McCandless St.
Linden, NJ 07036

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  1. meanwhile guys with their stock bimmers run big wangs and fender flares because "racecar"
    This goes out to show you what can be achieved while looking stockish.. good job!

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