Mike Murillo vs Tim Brown NPK RYWI

See the bad thing was I missed the chassis tune up had to abort and got drove around but… then the good thing that happened was I missed the chassis tune up and got drove around😬🤦🏽‍♂️. #closecall
Other driver is ok. Car not so much.


  1. Great driving mike it could have been worse. Gla the other driver was ok. And the only thing you had to do is breathe and clean your blue jeans out I would have took dump in them

  2. She still wants to pull left it was a close one glad you got through it and glad Tim's okay good luck with the rest of the weekend

  3. Boy and they thought Maple Grove claimed some cars New Hampshire might be eating some and spitting them out herself….glad you missed him Mike somebody upstairs was riding with you my brother.

  4. These cars are to fast to much hp no prep and someone is not going to be so lucky. 2 events in a row. Major loss of money and unthinkable amount of man hours go into these cars! For what a 30k payout

  5. Wow that was a hard hit. Makes my belly hurt anytime I see a bad wreck like that. I'm really glad he's ok and you were able to avoid him.

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