Midnight Madness 2 ( Big Wreck )


  1. So, did they give the guy a breathalyzer test? Because I've heard that he was drunk, and I've also heard that he was given a breathalyzer and that he wasn't drunk. I was just wondering what the final results were on the drinking situation!

  2. You take that drunk idiots name. You circulate it on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, & and any other platforms you can,….and blackball him from every event from here on out. Period. His racing days are OVER.

  3. if ya gotta have some shots of liquid courage before racing then your NOT as good of a driver as you think. next time sit in the pits with your "nurse" and keep chuggin them down

  4. I happened to walk out to my car for that incident. Was so happy the race was able to commence after the rain. We had a blowout when we were 5 minutes away! Put on a doughnut and hobbled to the Walmart auto center in Jackson for a tire so we could watch all of yall. If alcohol truly was involved I think that’s unforgivable. I’m happy everyone is okay!

  5. Completely unacceptable. This thing is dangerous enough for clowns to be drinking or taking drugs before racing. And shame on the spectators and teammates that knew this driver was consuming alcohol and still allowed him to race, and didn’t even have the decency to tell the other driver.
    We either fix this crap ourselves, or the government will “fix it” for us. We already have way too much unwanted attention for idiots like this to ruin it for everyone.

  6. Old man sent me this way and you guys seem awesome! IDK if someone was impaired or not behind the wheel this weekend, it's unfortunate what happened for sure and more unfortunate if that's the case! If there's proof then they should be banned! I wasn't there in person to witness just from vids I've seen posted. Sucks all the rest of you got robbed from going rounds for sure! Thanks for posting!

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