Midnight 1320 – June 2011 – Part 2

Midnight 1320 part 2
The second part of the race night. Half way through is the Camaro that flipped.

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  1. @Justin87GN I didn't show any because when it gets dark the camera won't show the times, all you see is a blob of light and you can't make out what the numbers are.

  2. @motorcycle121 My understanding is that he blew the motor so badly that it sprayed oil all over the back tires which caused him to loose control and go through the guard rail and flip.

  3. Anybody else mouth drop when that challenger ran up on that vette??? too bad he redlighted, as much as those Challengers are deemed the slowest outta the trio i rarely see one hook up an actually be fast that was my fav car in this video

  4. The Camaro blew a transmission line he had just picked it up from the trans shop that morning iy was a mid 10 sec car he walk away from the crash.

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