Michael McIntyre Nearly Flips the Lacetti | Top Gear

In the first of our throwback Thursday clips Michael McIntyre nearly flips the Lacetti on his timed lap on the Top Gear Track.

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  1. Not only is Michael McI psychic – he foretold he would be in the middle of the scoreboard, and he was – he did the last 5 bends, Including the sky hop n backward 'this-iz-ittt' gotcha its never going to flip as not really going fast enough (and missed the highest ramp of kerb plus grass) maneouvres, with his hands behind his head! What was he steering with – his knees? Stig secretly in the footwell n paid lots to make celebrity M McI look good no matter what? Dontcha just love him tho? Other than Tommy Cooper who also made me laff way back then, M.MI is t only comedian I find trustworthy for family entertainment as he doesnt have to say much, just looks intently a lot – obviously using telepathy there then – and I laffs n laffs. As chappie in the comments below says: "You know a guy's funny when he can make Clarkson cry with laughter." Precisely, cudnt have put it better myself. lol M

  2. I always believed this was a few small bits he had written for the show, and the transitions and editing when he goes into a new story almost are like set ups for a joke.

    But MAN this was always hilarious, and who cares if he had a bit story ready to tell, all stand up comedians do and they are funny. But the fact it was SO RELATEABLE Jeremy, Top Gear, talking about slow lanes and horse boxes. It is almost as if he did his research on Top Gear, which is what killed Jeremy in tears. Even mentioning Range Rovers in the fast lane, which Jeremy is a big proponent of, didn't just say SUVs or some sports car.

  3. Michael McIntyre's funniness dies when you watch him in actual stand up or anything which he hosts, which leaves basically nothing. Ergo he is not funny

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