MEMPHIS Street Outlaws vs Midwest BIG TIRE Race!

A closed down city street turned into drag strip for some of the WILDEST big tire cars in the midwest! Native midwestern racers and even some of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws made the drive to Hartshorne, Oklahoma for the H-Town Throwdown. A totally LEGAL street racing event, on a totally un-prepped, bare city street. Big tire cars mean SERIOUS power, but big power means a bigger fight for traction. Oddly enough we caught our buddy Ryan smack dab in the middle of the big tire class working through rounds with only small tires? We couldn’t believe it, jump into the video and see how far he goes!
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  1. Some of the best video around I only have one complaint and that's all the G Ds. I'm no prude and don't care about F this stuff or most anything else. Won't stop watching,

  2. I like when they run on these small rough tracks! Makes it easier on the budget guys, let’s them have a shot! Then it’s not about all out HP, it’s about who can get to the other end faster at that time! That’s street!

  3. Thats a real driver and owner of the car when he wins and hands the money to his mechanic alot of ppl dont realize the dedication it takes for a guy the be building race cars then be on call 24/7 then tune while at the races . Props to both that car looked really fast.

  4. Hate to say but chuck 55 did way too long of a burnout, he should definitely know better,he's got a Wally for God sakes!
    Didn't matter if Ryan had big or small tires on, he didn't have nothing for that Buster Camaro! When that Camaro hook's it's a very hard car to beat! He could give anyone from the 405 a hard time when it hook's! 760ci on the street is about all you're ever gonna need, even a 632ci as far as that goes.

  5. Chief no he don't even need to be there a man who would leave his wife and kids and pitbull dog behind for another woman and dope don't need to be on a show JJ get him away from your family and God bless you all

  6. Remove those silicone boots. Those are just a headache waiting. Put vbands every where. My truck will explode 5 ply couplers like balloons right down the center. They always fail when you need them not to. Very least spray them with extra hold hair spray and double clamp them they won't slip off again. Next they detonate.

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