Memphis Street Outlaws TV Show – Street Race Talk Episode 105

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  1. Sim – you seem like a really good kid with a lot of passion for cars and racing. I'd suggest keeping with what makes people coming back – just staying yourself. Candidly, there really is not any value by adding cuss words here and there, and I think you might want to think if that conveys you in the right light. Not a criticism, just an observation. The cussing on Street Outlaws, IMO, just makes the guys look stupid.

  2. Yeah most of the dudes that have been putting videos about chief leaving , are just using the title for click bait . I'm glad you aren't doing that keep it up youngster . Those click bait titles do probably get alot of views but I bet u have alot more people that actually stick around and watch more of your videos.

  3. Greetings from the UK Sim. man I ferking love yr enthusiasm buddy. The other YT "drag/street racing" commentators are so dull & lack yr obvious love of the sport.Keep up the fantastic work buddy I'm sure the Subs will keep coming & yr channel keep growing. All the best to you & yr Family.

  4. I agree with most… Nola was so fake regarding their time in between races. I know 405’s show isn’t all real either but at least they are believable and fun to watch. Nola is guys trying to repeat a script, and unsuccessfully. JJ already has the real heart for not only racing but what it takes to provide a good show. Showmanship… Looking forward to that one.

  5. Hey SIM merry Christmas. Yea the question is there about chief leaving. But if he does I'm done watching it. That dude Jeremy trying to copy your show 😂😂wat a joke. He waited till you was on your 100show to do so. But 4real 4real I wanta see chief race Chuck with his big mouth ass. Last season he was beating Chuck till his car shut off for some odd reason. An I think the production doesn't want that race yet so they keeping them apart. Wat do you think?

  6. Your Enthusiasm is infectious. I'm sure you never thought of it this way but at your age eventually you are going to be the one holding the torch. I hope one day you have your own show and a fleet of hot rods you seem like a very nice kid and deserve it keep up the good works in

  7. I agree totally with you about the Memphis Street Outlaws! I think that it’s going to be an awesome show. I just found your channel and just subscribed. I like your videos and look forward to seeing more. Keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍

  8. So if it's legal why do they say their outlaws when I'm street racing them roads are not blocked off an the pigs are all looking for the real street racers not a dam tv show

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