Memphis Street Outlaws Take on Alabama In $10,000 Big Tire Race! JJs Arm Drop Full Episode

We traveled down to Cottonwood Dragway in Alabama to catch JJs Arm Drop and this trip surely did not disappoint! There was tons of wild action all weekend and even though I went down to work the big end I got some amazing footage I normally wouldnt. The fans and racers came from all over to take a shot at JJ and crew on an ultra sketchy no prep surface. This race right here made me reconsider ever working the big end again as it seemed the cars just could not keep it together down there. Lots of adrenaline and great racing, but in the end only one was going home $10,000 richer!!

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  1. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what was wrong with the track that night heavy dew then later fog at 1200 foot, the track was slick as glass and everybody was wet so what track and I mean what track wouldn't go to shit after that

  2. Typical JJ, let's pick the worst, most unsafe surface in the country so that I can act like I invited the fast cars and they chose not to come. 2 then we only invite people we know we are faster than. 3 we test on this road and don't let anyone else so we have another unfair advantage. 4 run our mouth, con and hustle people out of their money because we can't beat them in a straight up race. 5 rinse repeat next week because people like you watching this are suckers willing to get conned by a 2 bit felon running a hustle.

  3. H
    JJ's arm drop rip off, where everyone pays to get in to play by JJ''s rules, then JJ's wife wins. All one big family; Memphis Street dumb asses giving their money to JJ.

  4. What track are they at in Alabama?
    They need to invest in some lighting down toward the end there can hardly see anything.

  5. They need to call it derby racing with all these crashes all them bad ass race cars need to be on a track thats cleaned and preped look at all the down time I love drag racing but get a handle on the tracks surface.(skate if you will)

  6. Geez the filming on this is absolute shit! Not even gonna finish watching it this is just terrible! Time to go over to 1320 video for quality filmed racing

  7. I am old school and just can't get it in my head that 1/8 of a mile is a race . An a rolling race is not a race at all . If you can't get it to hook up then your knowledge is lacking .

  8. I think this racing is totally unfair off the line, everyone seems to leave when they want and don’t get disqualified for leaving way before the starter even drops his arm.

  9. Can I please lend some assistance to our Darker skinned Americans Bruthas out there who show up to race JJ Da Pimp with his string of lady's and his Corral of older used up re motored race cars dug out of moth balls to race our Darker skinned Bruthas YOU JUST SIMPLY CANNOT SHOW TO RACE JJ DA pimp and his string of ladys with FUCKING DONKS BRO..DO DO IT…A Donk AINT NO RAVE CAT BRUTHA..TAKE THEM BIG WHEELS AND ALL THE bling and come ready to race with a race car….period…

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