Memphis Street Outlaws Race Alabama in Small Tire for $10,000! From the Top End! Cottonwood Dragway

It was another awesome experience at JJs Arm Drop this time in Alabama at Cottonwood Dragway. The battle was on for $10,000 in the small tire class, and Chelsea ended up on a wild ride in the first round. Does JJ an Ole Heavy have what it takes to bring the cash home? Or will the good folks from Alabama take it all away?? Find out if the Memphis Street Outlaws are victorious, at JJs Arm Drop!

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  1. As long as JJ the boss is wife Trish is flagging he will never lose the trick is to get somebody else to flag JJ the boss and you're guaranteed beat him he's got that ProCharger now he don't have nitrous so he's pretty quick

  2. If you just posted this today, when did the race take place ? You aren’t immune to the COVID 19 VIRUS !!! Stay healthy you guys ! I really appreciate the videos, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada 🇨🇦

    Made my night!!,
    I almost felt like I was actually there !
    really good photography thank you so much for posting this really good I wanna show all my friends!!!!!

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