Memphis Street Outlaws JJs Arm Drop Fastest in America with Liam Nissan at Prescott Raceway

We get an invite from the Kentucky team to JJ Da Boss/Fastest in America event at Prescott Raceway in Arkansas.
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  1. From the hood track to signing autographs now….. shhhhhyte 🙂 "radials will never work at this track"…. apparently they never seen the hood track…. hahahaha "Brrrrruuuuuup!" priceless. Good vid man….Peace!

  2. I know few guys here in Ohio and PA t habe tured down invites to his races. He tried to steal a win from a kid named Billy here in Columbus.

  3. I won 50 dollars on your race vs buster. I hated to do it, but a guy didn't believe me when i said buster would win and that your truck was a bad street truck lol. Hated to bet against you but that was good money 😂. Hope to see u out again at Prescott at 1 off the small tire race or grudge nights. I believe on August 1 it's a small tire no prep race for 20,000. And it's more closer one also.

  4. Liam keeps getting better and better, you guys have been a huge inspiration to me during my truck build over the last 2 years. I bought my d21 in sep 2018…in a couple weeks I hope to test drive it for the first time with the ls swap 😎 thanks Derrick and Tanya you guys are awesome!

  5. Milk truck damn near stole everything the guy had including the hit. Wow! Like the street, that "chase is a race" works when your outgunned big time. I cant believe he fell for it that bad. Impossible to sit though I'm sure when your heartbeat is as high as your launch rpm

  6. Excellent content! Glad I finally found you! Been cheering you on When I see you at a cash days in other people's videos! Best of luck, stay safe and enjoy most of all!! ✌

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