Memphis Street Outlaw JJ Da Boss Throws Massive Team Race, Fastest in America Qualifying!

It was an absolutely action packed weekend as JJ Da Boss and crew threw a massive no prep party! Word on the street is that this race was used as a qualifying session for the upcoming season of Fastest in America! This brought out all the big names as we saw 15 teams from all over the country come out and compete for the cash! We even had some of the NPK crew show up and make a huge statement. Would Axman and his team make it all the way to the end and take on the Memphis Street Outlaws? Was JJ ready for some of the fastest no prep cars in the country to throw down and really shake things up? It all went down in Prescott Arkansas in front of a giant crowd that stayed on the edge of their seats!!!

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  1. My buddy Andy Ralls spanked this guy twice in Irwindale and now he wants a rematch so he can run his mouth and get spanked again. Lol. He came across the track at the end of the race and hit my homies rear fender. He was nice enough to sign it though.

  2. That first race was sad. The guy only went because JJ was waving at him to bump up. He probably got so nervous he just went because he thought JJ was telling him to go😆 that guy went like two seconds before him. Turn the car off and get the W my friend

  3. This is some bullshit going down. JJ’s got a big mouth but nothing for the 405! They haven’t ever beaten the 405 and I think JJ’s afraid to loose to the 405 AGAIN! so fuck this I’ll never watch Memphis again

  4. JJ a cool dude too, but man when his team racing he always call in the other team first 7 c'mons and for his team its 1 TWO GO! set up like a mofo! Arm drop chase is a race is aight, but c'mon lets leave on the light that doesn't favor anybody.

  5. From the first few minutes of watching this all I see is that the guy on the right always loses…
    Got it.
    We live across the road from a dragstrip. Every weekend, all you hear is this crap.
    My son loves this show. I see nothing so great about it. A bunch of people with more money than sense driving in a straight line, burning fuel. Perhaps this takes a level of intelligence people usually reach as a fetus, and that's why I find it boring.
    But seriously… why? What's the purpose? It's pointless!

  6. Do you really see “who’s the fastest on the street” as JJ says when 1 car can sit, and win ? Or 1 car can steal the hit and the other chase’s. When they cross the finish line the one car chases down the other and loses “by a bumper” literally, in some case’s. If the 2 cars left on a light the loser would in all reality win. With all that the money that is involved, the potential for death, and who can’t forget the amount of money tied up with the car. I sure as hell won’t chance 100 grand on such a minor discrepancy!

  7. Why some people try too hold back a 2k HP Car from doing a burnout i can see if it starts to go side to side but some people really be trying 😂😂😂

  8. Damn ford's ,,,at least they know when they gonna loose ,,,,,ford should be proud that ol mustang just said Fuck I'm out of the race we never win anyway so I'm gonna loose on my own terms ……FUCK MY OWN AXLE I DONT NEED THAT SHIT WE GOIN BACK TO THE TRAILER LOOSERS EVEN IF I DONT BLOW IT OUT OF MY HOGHEAD ,,,,FUCK MY AXLE IM OUT YALL CHEVYS GOT IT

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