Memphis Street Outlaw JJ Da Boss Fastest in America Qualifying Test Session in Prescott Arkansas

It was an insane Friday night test session as the racers came from all over the country for a chance to take home the money, and qualify for Fastest in America! We saw a few of the NPK starts to include Axman, Larry Larson, Golden Kong and more! In total 15 Teams showed up to represent various parts of the country. Of course what’s a good test session with some off the trailer grudge racing? JJ and crew get wrapped up in a few races themselves, as they prepare for one of their toughest challenges to date!

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  1. Of course they didn’t pick any teams that could actually BEAT Memphis. Oh wait, they took New Orleans? Easy fix, we’ll just make them drive 1/2 way across the country and make them race on an ice rink to negate all of their advantages. Memphis Street Outlaws is more rigged than a 1950’s game show.

  2. Man the transition at about the 330’ was brutal. Upset a lot of cars. Guys needed to account for this better in their times by pulling power right before this based on time.

  3. Ok Gtr 🤘 send it…Larsons caddy is insane..axe man looks like he has car pretty dialed..showtimes blower is so god damn big it blew the driver door smooth open ha..

  4. does the guy with the blue 69 camaro have the tag that says 'jesus' because hes a christian or because thats what everyone says when they see the top of the blower hat over the top of the roof line!?!?!

  5. Those Memphis dope heads are no way even close to being the fastest in the nation….Why do you think they didn't invite the 405?? Got news for them….To be the best you need to invite the best and beat them….Watch Big chiefs interview about this shit…..He tells it like it is…like him or not!!! 15 teams and no 405???? that's a fucking joke…

  6. 14:15 so embarrassed to watch this little foreign baby try to make a pass like an American muscle …it was like a baby trying to walk and then you see 15:32 how it's done

  7. JJ DABOSS Really believes that the MSO & himself are the fastest in America , JJ and his team ( family) are good and seem to be able to get down any shittie road they race on but the other 8 teams that raced had to race each other until there was one left while MSO sat on the side line until it was their turn to race the last team standing , if they had to race like everyone else did I'm sure they would have never of made it to the finals . I think in order to say their fastest in America that they should race each team that was there and beat them all to be able to say that 👍👍

  8. Daddy Dave looks like his car is shot out of a cannon! He sure silenced the haters that car would be going through the finish about the time the old S-10 got to the 60’ mark! 😂

  9. We need to get this show back in Owensboro Kentucky to windy hollow…. Milk mama runs the show there. Not only is one fine woman she's a great promoter. Her whole families great. I love that place I had such a good time there. Did I mention milk mama is smokin hot. All you lucky guys out there watching her walk around the pits 🙂 She puts girls half her age to Shame…….

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