2. (in a sleazy Hollywood agent's voice) "Listen John! You can't be telling them to get a YouTube channel and be a star! It's more than just the car I'm telling you. Do you think the average smoe from Kansas is going to make it to the top with just a fast car?…. NO! You gotta have the blue eyes and the dump truck and hit'em with that aw shucks accent. Not everyone can be a star John, not everyone can be a star….

  3. Not really a fan of that style of small tire cars. They’re still spending $150,000 or more on a car with full tube frame, steel roof and quarters and an engine program that most of us can’t afford. The only thing that makes it small tire is literally a 10.5 tire.

  4. Street Outlaws is losing steam and they are using some of the more popular Street/No Prep racers to help right the ship. No Prep racers could band together and have YouTube pay some good money if you could get everyone to play ball. Thanks John for all your hard work I really appreciate your videos.

  5. In my opinion the only reason they are running small tire is because they are seeing how much traction all these small tire races are getting

  6. No prep kings blows, it’s not representative of real small tire racing. Big tire guys on short tires, for tv, is a farce. Never forget why you busted your knuckles, sacrificed everything and towed to a race on E knowing you had to win to get back home. That’s what small tire is really about, no syndicated TV, just like minded folks getting down to see who has the grit and the commitment to be the one who is fastest that weekend.

  7. I get more joy and excitment watching the no name racers on some back road watching for cops and or hoping they never show up, racers that havent sold there soul to represent a TV show or to just jump into racing to try to get on TV.

  8. Jason Cantu is also really fast. I don’t know if he got the invite. Brent Self and the black sheep mafia got uninvited. Three of my friends are there Cali Nate, Billy Spain, Carlos Iglesias. So many fast small tire no prep guys throughout the country, wish you were all there.

  9. they went about it wrong. the talk was they wanted to do small tires because most the country an such run small tires so it was easier for people to relate to an it was to put some shine on the small tire guys.. Now we are getting double frame rail full 3 second chassis cars on littles an a prepped street with 2 days of testing on it like its one of donalds races lol. i can see why a bunch arent going an passed it up. i hope ryan,the mak crew,cali nate,kendal an the other true small tire guys drag them npk cars ass.

  10. I’m not an AWD “fan-boi” but it’s kinda silly that AWD is often prohibited in small-tire, given I’ve never seen an AWD car win at these big events when allowed. I think they should let it sort itself out, purely because it would draw additional interest of a different crowd, and the AWD advantages are paired with a lot of disadvantages (additional weight, usually small displacement; drivetrain fragility, less optimum suspension, etc…)…..No joke if an AWD car won besides a GTR or Diesel Truck, I’d say they deserve huge credit, given the level of competition at these sort of events nowadays.

  11. My prediction?? This will be the 2nd coming of the SHIT SHOW/DOG & PONY Show that took place in Pontiac, Michigan (Road Kill Nights) this summer. How many times has it been moved??? How many people are getting paid to show up?? How many ARE NOT getting paid to show up? Who are they helping with fuel to get all the way out to California? Ow,BTW is At $7.00 PLUS a gallon for Diesel fuel. And we haven't even begun to talk about the favorable testing opportunities that the "some" of the so called "TV Stars" will get. And the small guys will not. Im not jumping on the band wagon behind Billy and SRC. However he (And several others) have very valid points. I seemed to recall another race about a year ago that was supposed to be this MONSTER PAY OUT. And we all saw what a TURD that turned into. The only difference between this and The Hindenburg disaster will be. One was 85 yrs ago (1937) in Lakehurst NJ. And this one will be in California in 2022. Both will a shit show and a disaster. But with the magic of EDITING it will be all Rose's and Rainbow's with 🦄🦄🦄 flying around for things to look at.

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