MEGA CASH DAYS BEGINS – Street Race Talk Episode 360

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  1. I heard it's £1500 a win since smalls, Daddy Dave's taking Goliath,Sean's Taken The Of Procharged HEMI,Kye Kelly,Lizzy,Scott Taylor, infact all NOLA,, JJ and Memphis Crew BASICALY AT LEAST HALF OF NPK, Then All the Small Tyre Cars KC max, Cally Nate , All that's Guys
    Can't call a winner until first round is over, Who would I like to win, Daddy Dave, Goliath is a beast on the Street,band Dave in General is Bad Assi n the Street, Dave's win 6 Cash Days

  2. I watch NPK on discovery+ the night of and usually the following day I’ll watch the Great 8 through my cable’s On Demand service. I think many people do the same or DVR it and watch it when they can and that’s why viewership is so low. I heard today that Lizzy is running her white Camaro, “Norma Jean”, on Mega Cash Days. I can’t see that being competitive unless they soup it up somehow. Great street car, but not for this type of race.

  3. Nothing like hearing your enthusiastic build-up of Mega Cash Days only to be interrupted by a RICOLA commercial 😆😆😆
    Happy Friday SIM & Y’all
    P.S. still eating Halloween candy 😳
    God Bless

  4. It's not mega cashdays no big tire it's a small tire cashdays I'm sure it'll be ok but would rather see it in big tire it's only because they can't beat most of the street outlaws on the show on big tire

  5. The great 8 isn't on Discovery Plus, but I watch on Amazon prime TV for 2.00 an episode. It's not available until a bit later until it airs on tv in some time zone, but it's a way to watch at your convenience without commercials.

  6. Billy Tommy dropped out because they have changed it so mutch not on street at an airport and prepping the strip and people are putting small tires on there npk cars and racing

  7. In the last src video they stated there skipping mega cash days due to no engine and due to the fact that yhey were hearing rumors of the road being glued

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