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  1. They can’t have a top ten without you being in the top 5 now jerk that 5.3 out of there and put that bbc in it lol 😂 na you can when with a junkyard engine wouldn’t that be something slap all those 500 k race cars in. The mouth with a junkyard 5.3.

  2. Well deserved sir. I think you and the SRC crew will do amazing! Best of luck!! Small block with dual turbos? And to answer your question, yes absolutely she has what it takes!!

  3. I think it is your combo of the 5 litre and big single turbo…I seen it a while back and this is what you love doing…I remember the chat you had with cheif and I think it's exactly that combination!!
    Good luck and can't wait to see YALL….

  4. Be safe and good luck to you guy`s 🙂 From the guy that distracted you at LS Fest in TX " sorry again about that "
    And special thanks to the wifey for loaning me your tire gauge .. PEASE W/B

  5. It's in Cali. I hope beaterbomb and Billy have a race, I am not sure who I want see you race what combo B/B I hope two big twins, sounds like an LS no no

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