McLaren P1 with Gold MSO Parts – Race Mode and Drive in e-Mode

A fantastic McLaren P1 seen in Malaysia with a number of MSO upgrades including: gold wheels, gold McLaren badging and interior trim, gold engine cover and a gold exhaust shield as per the McLaren F1. It’s a rather special P1 as it’s the only one in the world that has its own unique VIN and chassis number separate from the 001-375 run, as requested by its royal owner.

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Thanks for watching, Tim



  1. Nice car dude, but I definitely prefer the Porsche 918 Spyder. The way it looks is just so much better… And it has still the fastest lap on the Nurburgring of all road-legal cars.

  2. "royal owner" … arsehat, have you seen the beggers and utterly poor people trying to scrap an honest living over there!? .. its shocking. I love the car but really hate this one sided high society bullshit greed that goes on in places like that.
    F**k 'em, I hope he prangs it!

  3. The one thing i don't understand about monarchy in countries like this were there is a big poor population is why are they any better and deserve money and fancy cars in the name of the country. They do nothing to earn it and just get to spend millions on cars and palaces while half their country starves. Like wtf, I know democracies aren't much better but these monarchy just piss me off at how much they spend "for the good of their country"… And if you didn't already know this car is owned by the Malaysian monarchy family aka royalty… 

  4. Wheels look great against the White and Black of the P1, everything else gold looks Cheap and Gaudy, Carbon would have been my choice for the rear wing and Engine cover, and interior accent.

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