McLaren MSO X 570SFirst Look at all 10! X! TEN! Show and Tell By Ran D

I was lucky enough to get invited to McLaren’s exclusive launch of the MSO X 570S at Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort in Las Vegas. Owners from across the country are here to pick up their car and race there baby that they purchased. It was an 8 to 10 month wait, but it was well worth it. I featured all 10 that were made and go over the difference between the MSO X 570S and original 570S. The MSO X 570S was inspired by the McLaren GT4 race car. each MSO X color combination is a replication of a GT4 race car. 625 HP 600LB-FT Torque $500,000.

The #1 McLaren dealership in the country, Newport Beach McLaren, had the exclusive right to sell the MSO X 570S. Only 10 were made and all 10 were sold to a selective group. #8 has been featured on many websites. Not many know what the remaining 9 MSO X 570’s look like. You’ll be one of the first to see all 10!

As you’ll see, the MSO X is truly a race car for the street.

Thank you Newport Beach McLaren for putting us up for the night and giving us an exclusive event experience. And a special thanks to Steve for the invite!


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