McLaren MSO 650S Spider – Fantastic $130k of Extras

MSO (McLaren Special Operations) have worked on additional developments for the new McLaren 650S Spider to enhance the car in numerous ways. Only 50 such cars will be built and I show you on a tour of the first, revealed at Pebble Beach during Car Week 2014.

Thanks for watching, Tim



  1. for $130k i expected the car to look alot better it looks the same to me rather buy another car with that money what a rip off lol

  2. I honestly don't really like the front bumper. But who knows It might just grow on me. Also notice in the background someone drops a plate or a glass LOL

  3. Honestly, the part that makes dislike this car is the interior. There's nothing special about it just looks so bland… For 130k extra in options that interior better freakin POP man, my opinion.

  4. The extra cost of this car is pointless, I prefer it without the MSO stuff on it. But I would rather have the P1 or MP4 over this.

  5. I am not a huge fan of the looks of the 650S, I think it looks like a P1 front stuck to a MP4 body. The Shmee-mobile is better looking, design and colour wise 🙂
    – Good video though

  6. my next car will be a 650S, i would never pay an extra 130k for a bunch of "stealth" extras. The car doesn't standout enough compared to a normal 650S for that pricetag.

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