McKinney Corp Acquires Tommy Waters Race Car Products

Earlier this year McKinney Corp. based in Lafayette, Indiana, acquired Florida-based Tommy Waters Race Car Products and added the entire suite of their products to the expansive list of offerings to their long list of winning customers.  Since 1981 customers who want to win and utilize the best and safest products have relied on McKinney Corp. products and services. The addition of Tommy Waters Race Car Products including SFI 4.1 Certified transmission shields, motor plates and SFI Certified 30.1 Flex Plate shields continues to make McKinney Corp. the premier destination for motorsports and fabricated products for any industry.

“We acquired Tommy Waters Race Car Products earlier this year and have been working to reach out to their customers as well as new customers,” said Murf McKinney. “We started as a motorsports company in 1981 and we have diversified into commercial machining and fabricating as well over the years. Our expert staff is growing and we are equipping them with state of the art CNC machinery.”

The SFI 4.1 transmission shields are compatible with a variety of Powerglide, Ford, Chrysler and GM transmissions while the SFI 30.1 Flex Plate shields are compatible with Powerglide, GM, Ford big and small blocks, Chrysler big and small blocks and AMC 727. Additionally, McKinney Corp will now also offer ¼” 6061 Front & Mid Motor Plates and 13 GA. Steel Mid Motor Plates for all popular applications as well as custom applications.

McKinney Corp. uses sophisticated technology, and highly skilled people to produce its products. Using a powerful stress analysis program, and computer design software, McKinney designers analyze the forces that affect performance. This high-tech approach allows McKinney Corp. to maximize strength and minimize weight in every part they manufacture.

“We recognize the need for consistency, uniformity, and quality in our products and we have carried that over to Tommy Waters Race Car Products acquisition,” added McKinney. “The parts you buy today should be interchangeable with the ones you bought two years ago. We inventory thousands of parts to meet our customer’s needs. McKinney Corp. is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business.”

McKinney Corp. was founded by Murf McKinney and two brothers in 1981 to build Funny Cars for the sport of drag racing. Over the years the company has grown to become a self-sufficient manufacturing and research and development center. The acquisition of Tommy Waters Race Car Products is just the latest enhancement to their growing and expanding business. For more information visit or call 1.800.542.3088.

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