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  1. I like the longer shows, you get to hear from the drivers, they explain what does what. Sorry longer for me. Remember these guys race around not only for the show. So those cars will be used in other times we won't see. And sim calm down. Geesh

  2. With the 500 YouTube channels showing all rounds the day of the race the one way to boost ratings is for discovery to maybe do some live events. They would have to run more efficiently at the track but it's absolutely possible!

  3. I don't agree that a radically shortened NPK would be more attractive to the viewer. I used to think that there was way too much conversation and background drama but then I saw a modified version of an NPK show that came on earlier in the evening. It was a broadcast of a race shown 2 weeks earlier that had been 3 hours long that I had already seen but it was edited down to an hour. The show consisted of just racing, no drivers meeting, no banter at all. Each race was shown but each one started with the cars staging, then the race and a declaration of the winner, then 2 more cars were shown lined up. No post race discussions of how the outcome was impacting the points race, etc. The whole first round was shown in 30 minutes. The remaining rounds completed in the second 30 minutes. I really missed knowing the back stories and seeing what was going on. Just seeing race after race was more boring than I thought it would be.

  4. 100% agree, three hours is way too long. Especially when it’s only about 35 minutes of staging and racing and the rest is drama and commercials.

  5. I’m going to need to start my own Channel to just respond to all these thoughts 😂 it’s crazy of Ryan to convert the red Camaro as it’s the wrong set back and weight for NPK. He should build a new car, stretching the rules like Swanstrom, Bird, Kye and Lutz do with body shape and wheelbase. Put a Screw 5.0 bore space Hemi in it, with an air shifted Liberty, and run it on 5% nitro like Jim Howe.

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