Manta Mirage Street Legal Race Car

We take a look at the Manta Mirage, the street legal race car of the 1970’s.

Thank you Gary Kish on recommending the Manta Mirage.

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  1. The photos are mixed between the Mirage and the Montage. A Mirage was supplied with a welded steel tube chassis. This body style is based on the McLaren M8 Can-Am Cars of the very early '70s. The Montage, on the other hand, was intended to be installed on a VW pan and its body was based on the McLaren M6GT. There were a few "T-Cars" sold that were Montages with a steel tube chassis and Chevy Citation running gear. At the time the Mirage was introduced (late 1973) the late model Corvair transaxle was the only affordable choice for builders. The basic Mirage body & chassis kit sold for $2999 when it was introduced.

  2. I have a Manta Mirage and a Manta Montage T. The Mirage is getting rebuilt from the ground up with a new rear sub frame and updated Corvette suspension. Also a Donovan aluminum block pushing 427 cubic inches backed by a Porsche G50 transaxle. The aluminum engine and transaxle will cut the weight down and increase the power. Because 1900 pounds is just too much. LOL! After I get the Mirage done, the Montage will be updated from the Pontiac/McLaren turbo V6 to a V8 with similar power to the Mirage.

  3. Cory I worked at Manta Cars on Weekends and summers in late 70's early 80's and seem to remember Tim Lovette saying there were close to 500 Manta Mirages made. The Montage the VW kit at first, then they came up with a version that used I believe a Chevy V6 out of a front wheel drive vehicle. The Hardcassle and Mccormick vehicle was VW powered but the body did not come from Manta Cars as the TV production crew wanted like ten bodies in two weeks and that was not possible for Manta to produce. I believe they got the body from Youngblood racing and then pulled a splash off of that body to make the cars they need for the program. I hope this helps for your next installment of Manta Cars.

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