Manny Buginga's No Prep Dominance!

Street Outlaws no prep kings live event entered the bowling green area for their annual points race. In this video we highlight a new comer that drives a red mustang nicknamed fred. Manny Buginga is no stranger to drag racing but this is a different type of drag racing as he has to race on an unprepped surface. This is the opposite of the style of racing Buginga has been doing but this did not stop him from trying. After two short outings Buginga has been on a mean streak sporting an unbeaten streak in no prep kings. Buginga was in the outlaw big tire class and was winning left and right in the class. Which leads to the question, who can beat this guy? The top ten points leaders would be a good start to see who can beat him but in this video he was on a mission. Check out this fast red mustang do his thing and for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platforms at:


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  1. They can all say what they want. They will never let Manny and Fred in because they are all scared to death of that car and that team. The rest is just excuses to keep them from a beating plane and simple.

  2. Who is this guy? Never heard of him! One or two passes don't make him dominant! I knew everyone of the racers but the red mustang! One race night does not make you dominant!

  3. Look I don't know the whole pay your dues requirement to get into the invitational…but Manny (and a few other futures honestly) have the stuff to replace current racers in the big show.

  4. Hope to see more of this Car* driver . The series needs new blood. They need to kick out the Cheaters that are caught running 2 power adders and external transbrakes.

  5. Manny is a small tire OG for decades, people in the Ford world have known about manny for a long long time like 10 years before there was any street outlaws show. put some respect on that man!

  6. My ex-girlfriends dad used to do Mannys cylinder heads back when he was racing his red/white/blue fox body Mustang in NMCA and Ford events. DEZ Racing out of Massachusetts was tuning his car back then and they were a force to be reckoned with. Good to see him still kicking ass and taking names at the track. 😎

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