Machete Attack Leaves Man With Life Threatening Injuries | 999 Critical Condition | Real Responders

David has been attacked with a machete, Richard’s chest pains are not indigestion, Neil has come off his motorbike at 100mph, and Jack fell a substantial height onto his head. The hospital staff has seconds to decide on life-saving surgery.

Documentary series following the work of staff at Stoke-on-Trent’s Royal University Hospital. With no narration, it is the front-line NHS staff who explain the emergency cases they are faced with and the course of action they will take.

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  1. These people are the heart of the country, they took a vow to help people , they don't get enough money for what they do and put up with. Millions were raised by Captain Tom. I want to know what the government has done with this money. God bless you Captain Tom.🙏🙏

  2. I know everyone is covered by government insurance but it doesn’t seem to work very well the waiting time is horrendous I read people are going to private care & paying for it themselves we have medicaid here but a lot of states like texas limit it I’m lucky I’ve am fully covered

  3. Whoever wielded the machete was determined to kill. They were horrific injuries.

    The mother explained he'd already had learning disabilities and schizophrenia before the incident, "a child in a man's body", she put it, but as he started to improve, with traumatic brain injury, she said, "they'd have to say goodbye to the old David and welcome in the new, whatever that might be".

    The show didn't go on to say what the final outcome was. Sad all round.

  4. Your channel has gone downhill. I much preferred the old format with telling 3 stories on your own. I’m guessing you sold out though?

  5. All of your staff do such a great job.
    David, wow!! He had some brutal injuries and I was so glad to see he survived. The motorcycle accident, that guy was so lucky! The kid that fell off the roof, I guess we may never know how he turns out but he was lucky too. Prayers that they all have a full recovery.

  6. So these shows are from 2019. At that time cardiac protocols didn’t include supplemental oxygen, as in 2L/min by nasal cannula? What about now in 2022? I haven’t worked as an RN/NP since ‘08, but anyone with clear/high suspicion of an ongoing cardiac event, one of the very first things was supplemental O2. Please update me. ☺

  7. His attacker, Arcadius Situn, of Stafford, was detained in hospital indefinitely after pleading guilty to attempted murder.

  8. My heart breaks for that mother and her son. People with mental illness are much more likely to be the target of violence than the perpetrator of violence.

  9. I have been in trauma/icu more than people believe and I am grateful for the nursing and doctors that brought me back to life so many times I had no idea what it looked like on this side! Wow! So many more people than I knew about

  10. God bless all of these fantastic people who put their hearts and souls into saving our loved ones. God bless everyone of them. Thanks to everyone who has given to our NHS. These people are hero’s just like the late Captain Tom. 👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  11. One of the cashier's at the corner store I go to just got attacked with a machete last month!! He confronted somebody who was shoplifting & guy pulled out the machete & sliced the cashier in the face. Thankfully the store is only a few blocks from the hospital & they had him all stitched up quicky. The guy who did it decided to go into the hospital (he had run off) to wash the blood off. He was apprehended a few minutes after he went in.

  12. The patient with the broken neck. The cervical fracture at C-1, I can sympathize. At age 57, I broke my neck at the C-1level as well. Mine was a spiral fracture with spinal shock but no long term spinal cord damage. I also had a brain bleed that resolved on it's own. It took 13 surgeries over 9 years to correct all of the disc damage due to the mechanics of the loading mechanism. A 4 foot pool I thought was 11 foot, and entering the water at a certain angle. These doctors and hospitals are miracles. I was a Paramedic when I was injured. I knew not to move in the pool or out of the pool. Always, trust common sense and Doctors in the ER.

  13. This series is so WELL done. Very interesting! I love the doctors telling how they feel about their jobs and the cases they're working on. Spot on!

  14. I feel deeply sorry for all emergency help now day what with attacks on people‘drugs ‘ huge fires and global warming. These guys do an amazing job god bless you all world wide . If it wasn’t for these people who knows where we would be. Thank you all.

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