Ludicrous Tesla takes down multiple Hellcat Challengers Drag Racing!

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Lucky enough for us we found a cool guy in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat at Moorseville Dragway who was down to run our Ludicrous Tesla Model S. The car had some drag radials but still didn’t do the best from a launch. This may be the “Tesla Racing Channel” but we want good, close races to be honest. The owner wanted to run again but the track was shut down before we were able to. Fast forward to Piedmont Drag Strip where we found another Challenger Hellcat, this one stock with little miles. Couldn’t find the owner right away so went to the tower for a callout, I couldn’t do it for free he said so what the hell, do it for whatever amount he wants. No money was thrown on table so I decided to give him the first move to at least try and get a good close race, which it was! As cool as they were also they were I gave the owner and his son, along with another kid who was very intrigued by the car, a quick ride.


  1. The funny thing is all the guys that don't like the Tesla in the Comments! Their arguments aren't very smart, are mostly excuses for why the Tesla was able to win on some 'fluke" all the while ignoring the fact that the Tesla is far superior as an every day driver vehicle AND can go to the track and dump your hellcat's!

  2. I'm 68 and always said I'd buy an electric vehicle when I found one that would smoke most gassers. I put my money down on a two motor Cybertruck last year. 0-60 in 4.9. Can't wait to take it to the local 1/8 mile drag strip.

  3. Well big shit, Tesla is a waste of money as u might as well ride a push bike as you can’t hear Jack shit, and race a mile then you’ll see if the battery operated crap will beat a v8 beast no way!

  4. Thats what people dont get. Tesla is faster in a straight line. Demon/hellcat is too. But anyone who has a lambo or ferarri can have a hellcat or tesla too. Lambo and ferarri arent about speed in a straight line. Its about culture. Exclusivity! They look sexy and sound amazing. The whole point is to have something others cant. Plus, upshifting, downshifting, hearing the engine roar. They are WAY more fun to drive than some overpriced electric golf cart with no soul. That said, demons/hellcats are sick. Respect to them. But tesla fk tesla. Idgaf how fast it is. Still lame af

  5. I have a 2017 Challenger Hellcat (rare in the UK) and a friend has a dual motor Tesla. 9 times out of 10 he's quicker than me – he plants his foot, all 4 wheels bite and he scoots off like his ass is in a catapult. Accompanied by a strange washing machine like sound and a vague smell of electricity. All he has to do is keep his foot panted and hang on. I have to feather the throttle from the start AND lift off at the first couple of shifts or the tyres go up in smoke and it can get scary. Mine sounds like the beast from hell has been released and smells of gas and tyre smoke. We paid roughly the same for our cars – mine used his new. I wouldn't swap for ANYTHING. I've driven his car and its silly quick – but completely without any drama or soul. It's a strangely detached experience. I let him have a (brief!) drive of my Hellcat and he was terrified. "This thing just wants to kill you" was his feedback. I've also lent him other cars when he can't trust his Tesla to get him home on the charge it has left. So he borrows one whilst it charges (at very significant cost). These things ARE the future – although the early adopters will pay the same price as the early adopters did with PC's and flat screen TV's as the current battery technology just isn't quite there yet – not enough range, too long a charge time and not enough infrastructure (at least here in the UK) to dependably set off on a long journey in an all-electric with complete confidence you'll be able to charge it somewhere more remote. Especially in the Winter – the battery drain when lights, heater, heated rear screen, wipers are all on is borderline catastrophic. He loves his Tesla – and that's fine. He wouldn't swap either. But the really sad thing for me is that In 20 years, kids won't know what a gearbox or transmission even IS let alone a petrol engine. Sooo glad I lived in the generation that do.

  6. I wonder for how long a tesla battery will last if the car needs to drive 1 hour at 120 miles per hour. All these guys are trying to compare by a a quarter mile race. How about 1200 miles race. I don't think so

  7. Teslas are overrated. + they are not the best .
    1. Build quality is poor
    2. Many other cars now have better batteries like the jaguar-I pace
    3. Reliability is not good in most ways
    Please don't attack me 🤣

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