Looking Ahead to NPK2023

Hopefully my Mega Cash Days misfortune will lead to NPK success


  1. I would be so stoked to see you WIN 2023 NPK. I know you can do it. Agree surround yourself with the best. Not just luck. Get good sponsors and partners and keep eye on goal. Believe it will happen. Gl.

  2. Bud yer out spent, today, on next year. It’s obvious Odom has enough money to pay the Jumping Monkey to drive a car to trophies. Team Idaho has bought the 6th season. The whole thing has been sold out the TV commercials for women’s products women’s medication‘s women’s men stay home and do the laundry for the women have you even watch the show guys how about some fucking Champion Spark Plug commercials or some Lucas oil commercials or even a goddamn Goodyear tire commercial😂 Nope we get to watch OB tampon commercials sponsored by Dave’s bloody red Audi

  3. James, you're real fans. have no doubt you can win the npk next season.But the real issue will you be, able to stay outa the dumb shit drama?? If so you got this. Just please don't bend over the last 3 races because Ryan is your friend's team, mate, etc. I know you're a man of your word.so if you say you won't then I know you won't so let's hear it straight from you.. please. Oh, fyi thank you and Stacey so much for taking the time to meet with me a few minutes in Alabama. (After I told Stacey no, don't mess with him. I know he's busy. She said NOPE come on, he's in the trotter home. You came out shook my hand we talked, and you signed my shirt. That made the lines and everything else worth it. Hope my comment doesn't piss you off about laying down or giving Ryan the w just because. HAPPY NEW YEAR, BROTHER. Let us know where you stand on the laying down for a teammate

  4. STOP NAME DROPPING You’re Way our of your League. STAY HOME WEAPER. Stop wasting Fuel. Stay home and Murder some more pure hot rod muscle cars 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  5. Watch out for team ODAM next year, Jim Howe, and faster more sponsored cars next year. I believe Ryan is up against very stiff competition next year. They’ll probably do away with the bounty races. Twin turbos ain’t gonna cut it, some cars just need a bit more horsepower to beat Ryan.

  6. "I change tyres every 15 passes". You certainly already do this for engine parts (rods, for example). Now apply this sort of test check to every. single. part. on. the. racecar. You'd have checked that throttle cable if it were a part of a test program. Yeah it's a huge pain in the ass, but that's a big part to consistency and eliminating "problems". If that's part of what this guy will bring, you're on the right path. Also, whatever you budget for testing: double it.

  7. I know yall going to Australia but are u guys gonna hit Epping nh this season coming met ya last yr real quick but love to see that car go down the track in person ur one of my fave npk racer or outlaw

  8. I'm not saying you don't work hard, but guys like Ryan, Howe, Swanstrom are also literally out testing as we speak
    Test test test and test some more NPK is more of endurance than speed

  9. I know you want to do good in NPK but there's just too many other well sponsored cars for you to even finish in the top 15. And I got hundred dollars for anyone who thinks different.

  10. I can't wait to see ya running the whole NPK it will he great get passed all the struggles be on the circuit with the rest of the 405 ya all out there taken names and numbers representing

  11. Sorry but I just don't feel he has the right attitude to be able to stay focused and win the championship but mainly I don't feel he will win races to be able to compete with the top guys sorry to be like this but he'll maybe he can win a few of the big tire races they have for the cars that can't make it in to the big show

  12. Have they changed the rules again or did they decide that everyone is fairly even now?

    The good thing about you losing weight (aside from health benefits) is you can now move ballast around the car to where you need it, or if your car was heavy you'll gain that extra go off the line where you need it with a turbo car. Either way it's a win for you. 20 pounds is really good work!

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