LMR takes over the set of Street Outlaws!

In this episode, we show you some Street Outlaws prep and BTS during our trip out to Elk City.

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  1. I didn't see shit about street outlaws. You guys are a bunch of posers trying to use the street outlaws name to get views on you tube like a bunch of people on you tube. We're the real street outlaws or we raced the street outlaws and won all a bunch of crap to get views

  2. Steve …you have grown since the first meeting with O.K.C and I commend you on that..but the mid engine vette…has to be paddle shift it sounds amazing..and I'm guessing on the shift but that's what it sounds like …anyway great content love the cars!

  3. I didn't listen to the whole segment but I will be interested in knowing what the horsepower of these cars are at the wheels and what they run in the quarter mile.. Maybe somebody could get me that information please…

  4. Big fan of the C7’s you brought ! Can’t wait for 2023 C8 Z06, see what all you high dollar tuners will be able to do with it! As far as predictions, you will probably hold your own, you have newer, more reliable (hopefully for your sake) cars, but man the experience these guys have doing this is a huge advantage for them.

  5. I love how they bleeped out mikes(street speed) name when they where talking his meth not working and blowing the motor. I know he said he ran it out of meth but it’s good y’all are still gonna test everything

  6. I am guessing you Guys got smoked !!!!!!!!
    Those ok. guys drive FULL Blown race cars 😔😔 You Guys have street cars !! ?????
    You wine 2 races ???
    Hope more !

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