Lizzy Musi’s Nasty Wreck – No Prep News Episode 152

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  1. Congrats too Kayla she made some hella great passes, i feel bad for lizzy she just got that car fixed, and Ryan just had issues so we all know had he been running 100% things would be different but all in all some great racing this weekend 👍👍👍TTVE SIM

  2. Most of the big teams use headsets and have communication with driver. I understand that they want data, but Ryan never got off the line and maybe she could have been told to abort pass… especially when the track was pretty sketchy and just not push so hard. Please, just my opinion… I'm sure it's harder in the moment give that it's a 4 second race.

  3. I think it was a fluke, because when Ryan raced Lizzy he knocked the tire off immediately because he’s got that new pro charger on his car and think he’s still seeing what will go and what won’t.

  4. I couldn't believe that you didn't talk about Bobby crashing on Friday night in test and tune grudge with his new firebird. Lizzy has another car that she used after she crashed Bonnie last time. They didn't sell her street car aftershock. As far as Kyla she has won outlaw Armageddon. She runs the same setup as Ryan I do believe. The track was really loose in the top end of the track. I think Ryan still has widen lead because of the great 8. He got 20 on Friday and 10 on Saturday. Kye got 0 on Friday and 20 .

  5. NP Organization needs to Implement some new rules. If you hit the Wall you are Disqualifed.If you cannot make the next round the person you ran in the previous round is the Winner. Ryan was Robbed of a win.

  6. So sad to know the Bonnie was wrecked at Tucson race. Bonnie seemed getting happier and happier every run she made. Hope Lizzy is ok.
    Congrats to Kayla and her Team for the Win !.TTVE

  7. I believe Lizzy was knocked out when Ryan came up to check on her, but regained consciousness quickly. They’ll get that car fixed up and she’ll be back quickly I’m sure. Just glad she was pretty much okay. Was also happy to see Kayla win and different competitors in the semis and finals.

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