Lizzy Musi Wrecks Vs Ryan Martin in Tucson,AZ- @ NPK Tucson Dragway! She is doing better!

We were there to catch the unfortunate pass on film, Lizzy was going for the win & got it but had an accident that we all hate to see. She is a great driver and competitor and we wish her the best! SUBSCRIBE!


  1. They can rebuild or build another car. The most important thing is Liszt is OK.
    Maybe her & Kye have a graveyard for wrecked Camaro’s.
    First Kye lines his out. The guy wrecks it first practice pass. Now Liszt kisses the wall both sides of the race track while beating Ryan Martin.

  2. Bless her heart !! Im so glad she's ok. Thank God for safety equipment!! For both her and Bobby! You guys please be safe out there…we love all of you guys…would never ever wanna see someone get hurt. God bless!

  3. If she really got out of the car and walked to the ambulance why is there no video of it even your video dose not show it, what are you guys at discovery trying to cover up? And why no coverage of Bobby Ducote’s crash too bad too be shown?

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