We like the McLaren 570S a lot. Few vehicles combine sharp looks, raw speed and genuine usability like McLaren’s entry-level model. Still, there’s always room for some custom changes. That’s where McLaren Special Operations steps in. MSO builds bespoke vehicles like the MSO R and MSO HS (both based on the McLaren 675LT) for customers willing to shell out the dough. Usually it’s a one or two-car run, but McLaren just announced a run of 10 road-legal cars done up like the 570S GT4 race car and painted like McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans cars from the ’90s.

One look at the LIMITED EDITION McLaren MSO X and you’ll know it means business. If the paint scheme, roof snorkel and pylon-mounted rear wing don’t give it away, the stripped-down interior (complete with a fire extinguisher) probably will. This is a race car for the road, and since all the cars were commissioned by McLaren Newport Beach, they’re actually legal in the US. McLaren wants the owners to be able to drive their cars to the track, so each MSO X retains parking sensors, rear-view cameras, air conditioning and a lift for speed bumps and driveways.


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