Lil Country Crashes Hard at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings in Ohio

Lil Country crashes hard at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. Lil Country was taken to the hospital but was ok. He showed up the next day to watch the racing. The surface was slippery and definitely no prep as the competition had trouble getting down this past weekend. For more no prep racing coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. Listen Justin I see the drive you have for this race life. All the hours on top of hours after a full days of 9-5. Then on top of your time and hard work there's the $ 💰 money it takes to fund this dream. And racing ain't f'in cheap lol.. I just found out I had lymphoma cancer at age 34. So the what the fk moment I'm familure with. There's no cure for lymphoma at the moment, but there is a cure for that dope ass car of yours, and that amazing team and dad you have backing you up.. yeah, you all can't be fkn stopped fam!! You've been a real street outlaw for years now. I'm Jake D from Kentucky, and I'll holler at you when you're getting in there as$'$ again here soon. If you made to read this message thank you.

  2. Jesus christ was that car fast my god. Maybe drag strip should use a Nascar style safer barrier and line the walls w foam blocks.
    Sad to see all that $ and most important time go to waste.

    Does anyone know what happened to Joe Hunt?

  3. The reason this kid wrecks so much is he re-uses wrecked rollers when you total a roller like that you need to build a new one not straighten it out the best you can and run it some more after you cut what you think is bad off and fix it the whole chassis is screwed after a crash like that but he reused the back 3/4’s of the car on his next build which he’ll probably wreck cause of his blinders that’s why he wrecked there he was trying to see who won cause it was close and the driver got screwed up bad he was in a wheelchair with an arm sling on the next day if he didn’t get hurt why was he in a damn wheelchair cause he broke his legs his collar bone his arm and hit a serious concussion probably why he’s getting dumber he’s had his brains rattled like 12 times so far in his short career now he’s added chin straps to his helmet next crash will most likely break his neck and kill him but no big loss to the world one less idiot wannabe racer who runs crate motors spend $55k on a 3 grand chassis kit man his builders and the people he’s buying his used parts from are screwing him in the butt a th350 dose not cost $16,000 a torque converter for a lockup is not $8,000 wiring a race car dose not cost $10,000 a used 3rd owner beat to hell motor shouldn’t cost $65,000 then you send the block back to the manufacture to get it machined for $75,000 when a brand spanking new engine is only $97,000 he’s such an idiot he needs to get rid of those blinders that why he’s a shitty driver and wrecks so damn much

  4. I s it just me or did it take forever for the safety crew to get to Justin? Seemed like minutes when it shoulda been seconds!! I thought safty crew was set up at the 1/8 and the 1/4 as well as the launch pad? maybe im wrong… Back in the day at dragway 42 in ohio.. thats how it was done…

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