Lights Out 11: Horsepower Wars

Its the final showdown for Horsepower Wars!!!! Watch as Team Midwest Mayhem, Team Bigun, Team Enemies Everywhere, and The Dream Team go head to head for the title of Horsepower Wars 2 championship at Lights Out 11 at South Georgia Motorsports Park!!!!


  1. Now I would like to see Enemies Everywhere in their 4th gen Camaro go head to head with team Biggun in their build from last year aka Beer Money the 4 eyed foxbody and have both cars freshened up both cars with the LS engines in them and outside of the Horsepower Wars rules so they can really throw some power to them cars and build the cars how they really want them and how they should really be built and the 4th gen Camaro and the 4 eyed fox is closer in weight and weight transfer and not like Team Biggun's out gunned 4200lbs station wagon that has barely any weight transfer at all which takes alot of the chassis tuning out of the equation for them and on top of that they only were allowed to put a 10-point cage in their cars all of them except the Dream Team's Terminator Mustang which had a 25.3 chassis which gave them a little bit of a leg up on their chassis tuning capabilities like Lyle Barnett pointed out during the Horsepower Wars show and for the next Horsepower Wars I think that each team should have a $15k limit to spend on brand new parts and they should give each team cars that are very close in weight and the teams should only be focused on building a 25.1-25.5 cert chassis and weight reduction and they should have to weight a certain amount per power adder like class rules and have to run a certain tire and rim size or just make them build a rolling chassis for a certain class like X275,LDR,True Street,DXP all except Pro275 and RVW and all cars should be made to fit in one of those classes and then have an engine builder build them a turn key crate engine whether it's an LS or LT or a Coyote or a VooDoo or Predator or a newer Hemi and they should all have a Horsepower limit per the weight of the car that way each team has an opportunity to show off their car building skills and tuning skills at the track and the engine builders get some recognition and sponsors

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