Lewis Hamilton Drives Tony Stewarts Nascar (FULL)

comment on how suitable you think hamilton is in driving a NASCAR as well as what you think of his driving


  1. I wished Nascar would bring back more road courses. I'd love to see Lewis Hamilton completely sweep a Nascar series.

    i'm not saying that Nascar drivers aren't good, but since they took most of the road tracks away the skill needed to drive has diminished a lot. Obviously we can say that all the computers inside an F1 car make things easier, but try moving all those knobs, drive while not even able to see the ground, barely see who's next to you, and still fly around a track like a jet fighter. I love Nascar, but it's just boring nowadays. I watch mostly everything else except for Nascar.

  2. You can clearly see Hamilton feeling his way out of the corners with some wheel spin. NASCAR isn't drifting, but a driver who can't drift the car at full throttle around a corner couldn't also race it up to the limit without just wiping out constantly.

  3. …Steve Matchett and Larry Mac are magic together. I wish I could see them both do NASCAR and F1 races together; as they both agreed "we're learning from each other."

  4. I don’t see Hamilton as a peppy F1 driver. He looked liked he had been racing tin tops his whole life piloting the 14 car around the Glenn.

  5. And now we will cut to a break………just as Ham lights up the rears on the exit of every corner on his last lap having fun, yup, perfect place to cut away for a break – not.

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