Legend Pat Musi On Pro Mods And No-Prep Kings | The Dragzine Podcast E79

This week on The Dragzine Podcast we talk engine builder and racer Pat Musi. We hear from Pat about what it was like racing against the legends of Pro Stock, where he thinks Pro Mod racing is going, and why he likes no-prep racing.

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  1. God bless you, man … we’ve never met, and my only exposure to you is the decals on the side of the cars I love to watch. But man, there is truth flowing out of your vocal chords, and I thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking for a long time.

  2. Really enjoyed this thanks! Pat has surly chilled over the years..much less cocky ; ) …i don't feel though that people hate JJ..they just don't dig some of his action …he's down for his people and keeps it real and will tell you he's mostly a hillbilly.. he's a good person. Discovery loves lizzy..who doesn't ..she can drive..in sweet and pretty too..a sponsors dream.Pat has another daughter tht raced but not much mention of her? ITS a TV show for sure..someone is getting paid something..would luv to hear who gets what? I know they pay or paid the guys from "Deadliest Catch" a lot.

  3. Mr. Musi is the most down to earth good man. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Bradenton Fl. in 95 or 96 if my memory serves me right, he talked with me like we had been best friends for 20yrs.

  4. One of the best things about Pat is that he's always down to earth and really stands with his customers. Being a long time customer from "back home" he's always willing to assist in any way he can, so is his brother Ralph. And they realize that not everyone is "big money." He still does jobs for guys/gals that are just racers who do their own wrenching, installs and personal car setup. Even if you're just bracket racing in the 15's, He understands that people have to do things on a budget most times. I still make the 10 hour drive for his expertise. Even got T-boned in a rental on the way to pick up that fuel injected 454.

  5. I think no prep is more like match racing back in the 70 and 80 not wwe. And if you think there's charters in no prep you should been around in the 70 and 80 god there was some crazy guys and gals back then!

  6. We would street race thru the week years ago and run Mooreville on special weekends. Sam Brown streach, 77 north, highway 64/70 and Salisbury road, all great times. Enjoyed the broadcast.

  7. Pat is a legend! And he'll help people at the track, from what I've heard. I think PAT is sick with whatever Catherine Hepburn had!!!…from Wyoming USA 🔫🤠🇺🇸p.s stay safe

  8. Nitrous is still around because of weight breaks. If they had to weigh as much as a turbo car.
    No one would run nitrous.
    And this guy doing the interviewing refuses to talk about NO PREP. The supreme drag racing class. The only reason NHRA still is relevant is because of the money behind them, and no preps popularity.

  9. I learned everything I know about Chevy engines. By reading about Pat Musi , Bill Jenkins , Smokey yunick. And all the old school engine builders made my success running a small block had the smallest motor in the class and dominate off the trailer!! Woodchuck U. Lol. Ren 7.30s at 3200lbs with a 317ci sbc on a fogger kit simple combination and was effective against big blocks

  10. Still don't care for Pat. My buddy, James, and I tried to get him and Tony Christian's autographs @ the Shreveport NMCA race, 1999. They both shrugged us off. We looked up to those two badasses back then F'em both!!

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