Leaf Springs for Drag Racing Part 2 – What and Why for More Bite, or less!

Leaf springs for Drag Racing can and do work! Let’s refresh on leaf springs for drag racing and how to add bite or even take away bite! Please don’t forget tubes in your small tire slicks!!!

The leaf spring video is my number 1 performing video. This is an update to the original release with more details and aftermarket options!! More on leaf spring sliders and hangers. Why do I recommend split mono leafs??? It is all in here.

Let’s break down more split mono leafs, spring perch location, why you might go with ladders bars over Calvert or smith assassin bars or slapper bars even.


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Drag Racing Suspension and Instant Center Calculator:

Calvert Racing Split-Mono Leafs:



Housing Floater Kits:

How to setup double adjustable shocks and springs for drag racing. How to tune rear shocks for drag racing also known as tuning coilovers for drag racing. Drag car alignment is critical as you know for your safety and the safety of the other driver.

Samson Performance of Sam’s Alignment in North Charleston, SC.
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  1. Thank you for the video, and thank you for the shout out to healthcare providers. As a nurse, it’s means a lot to hear a shout out from the racing community. Don’t push yourself too hard, get well soon! Looking forward to more education with suspension tuning.

  2. Thank you for the awesome video!
    Also, I have a complete Smith Racecraft Assassin bar setup, Tin soldiers leaf spring mount kit, custom split mono leaf springs, and Viking double adjustable shocks , all new in boxes for a nova if you have a need (I bought another chassis that’s already back halved)

  3. I had covid pneumonia back in sept. Was in the hospital for 3 weeks and on oxygen for a month and a half. Worse time of my life. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  4. More great content! Glad to hear you made it through the C okay. Thanks!
    You speak to hitting "the slick" a lot. Do most of your theories also apply to Drag Radials?

  5. Let's talk more about Leaf Springs for Drag Racing!!!! Get you some! Calverts, Smith Assassins, ladder bars…. .some cool products! Also, I ask for help at the end on the Studebaker. Please give me some info back!!!

  6. Glad you're back, and hope you feel 100% soon. Electronics recommendations depends on how computer dependent you want to be. I prefer the Racepak PDU, but all the circuits need programming. The Leash boards are nice, high quality stuff, just a little more "conventional" with relays and fuses.

  7. As far as wiring advice, at this point I find it hard to argue against just converting to a solid state PDM box, like a Moristech/Black Box P14, they just make life SO EASY compared to wiring up individual relays & fuses for each circuit, not to mention being programmable. The P14 is really reasonable at $925 too, even the 30 channel P30, if 14 channels isn't enough, is only $1400(compared to $3150 for a 30ch Motec PDM – but that is Motec after all lol).

    SRC Billy's truck is pretty wild – running as fast as it does, on every surface they race on, and with completely stock suspension at all 4 corners + CalTracs & Viking shocks front and rear! REALLY want to see them run some split monos & sliders, but it's hard to say they're "doing it wrong" given the results.
    I've been thinking about building a Ranger for a while since I saw that Calvert has split monos & CalTracs(both spring over & spring under options too, which is pretty cool) for them, and, once I found their channel and saw what that super basic S10 can do, it completely sold me on a leaf build.
    I'm sure I'm going to be referencing both of these leaf spring videos in the future.

  8. Great info Kevin. Thanks for the help with assassin bars. I would look into speedwire or spaghetti menders for switch panels and relay boards

  9. Thanks Kevin, I appreciate all your help and knowledge your sharing with us. I'm following every detail for leafspring suspension. I have sliders installed just as you have described. Calvert monoleaf & caltrac traction bars. All rubber removed from spring mounts. I picked up on 4 degrees pinion angle on this video . So that's my next step. Also have 9 way Calvert rear shocks that I may need to get double adjustable coil over shocks. I installed tubular upper and lower control arms on front with coil over shocks up front. But single adjustable. (Aldan American)
    I'm running street 71 Camaro 434 sbc, 3500 stall 410 – 12 bolt M/T 275 60 R. Trying to get a launch. Still frying tires.

  10. What's your thoughts on the Competition Engineering J-bolt traction bars, I have a set on my 1969 Camaro would the Cal tracs be worth the investment ?

  11. With a fuel tech I assume it has enough inputs and outputs for a simple drag race car. My megasquirt does. So let the fuel tech ground switch a relay for all your devices which also lets you set on off parameters and let’s you data log them. With battery in the trunk, I run battery cable to lugs on the firewall and then battery cables from there to the front of the car too. That way all my power to fans, water pumps, headlights, etc, are short runs controlled buy ground switch from ecu. I even started using the relays with built in fuses to simplify things. So when I make a pass I have one toggle switch to power on ecu which in turn runs all my pumps and fans. The only other toggle switch I have is for head lamps for night racing. Keeps it pretty simple, no fancy relay motherboards or $1500 power control smart wire boxes. Just heavy wire and $10 relays. Good luck.

  12. Awesome video Kevin! It’s taken awhile for me to understand a lot of what you went over. I wish I saw this a year ago. Lol. Great info and I’m glad someone finally talked about it.

  13. I’m very happy with my leash electronics relay board and switch panel. Although, I don’t believe they make the switch panels anymore

  14. Awsome video. Ya I need every help I can get. I building a street car in a 84 camaro.

    I like to go leaf spring but don't know how to do a ride height With 28s

    I quickly learned to get rods of my stock springs. Thanks for these videos

    Ya big Chief jist talked about this

  15. Hello Kevin, I'm a new subscriber that just found your channel, after watchng this video I wondered what your opinion is on the newer style leaf spring slider that has the long drop in it allowing large amounts of chassis seperation. The combo would be bbc turbocharged, manual transmission, 275/60r15 tire

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